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Email Marketing Is Still A Critical Element Of Your Digital Marketing Approach

If you are thinking that email marketing is dead according to the perception held by many. Then, you are somewhat wrong. The emergence of various marketing podium have started evolving from the past few decades and marketing has tuned its effectual methodology to merchandise and promote their products and services into the global market. Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective methods of marketing when personalised and customised according to business requirements. The market is swarmed up with countless email marketing automation tools which have various cohesive features that are affordable in nature and can be easily combined with the CRM systems. Further to this, one of the most significant features of email marketing tactic considered by exceptional BPO companies is that it is highly spontaneous to construct and organise.

Current marketers have traveled a long way. From the very advent of the good old days of submerging customers with communication which comprised of little perspective and personalisation, it has changed the marketing shifts to dynamic and customised disruptions. Consumer’s behaviors are flexible; they sometimes tend to adjust to the elasticity of technological mayhem or pester traditional marketing order. This has resulted in ineffectual comparative techniques and low on returns. Businesses irrespective of their shapes and sizes must initiate the tactic of email marketing to engross the target audience. Email marketing can prove to be a game changer when implemented with accuracy and supported by considerable customer data to drive-in sales, expand customer horizon and build long- term reliability. Email Marketing Is Still A Critical Element Of Your Digital Marketing Approach

Mentioned and described below are 5 essential and critical elements of an email marketing strategy for your business:

  • Cost-effective measures

When email marketing is implemented with a decent quality of data and information from the target audience, email can perform a super job at saving the extra cost of communication. According to studies made by DMA email can generate up to 3800% ROI for an organisation and the ROI cost up to only $38. Thus, it is a profitable and smart approach to convert the potential audience into actual consumers.

  • Prompt, measurable approaches

Even when the notion of disbelief surrounding the death of email marketing has circulated within the market domain, we can undoubtedly assure that email marketing is still alive and functioning with full power. Every one of us uses email to send and receive important information or data. After the post office which is dead a long time ago email is one of the most convenient ways to reach the customer base camp seamlessly. Moreover, affluent and smart BPO companies that tend to spend the money on email marketing claims that the expenditure are half the fraction of cost spent on other marketing channels.

  • Better conversion rate

Social media is regarded to be a big platform to accumulate and attract customers. Surprisingly, it isn’t effectual when it comes to marketing. Swarmed up with millions of people potential as well as non-potential customers, social media could result in blind negotiations. It is important to know your target audience. Prompt and measurable data from various sources and drafting a piece of personalised message for every single customer has high chances of conversion rate.

  • Access to ideal customer

The beauty of email marketing lies in its highly customised and tailored features. Access to a decent customer quality at your disposal can assure that the communication by various BPO companies on your behalf captures the attention of the invaluable audience while retaining the existing leads to fit the persona of an ideal buyer. According to the studies conducted by a few prominent leading firms, customised and tailored email drafts can enhance a website click-through rates up to 14% and the conversion rates up to 10%.

  • Affirmative actions

A major objective of email marketing is that it is a mutually constructive action for the sender and the recipient as well. The uniqueness and simplicity of drafting an email with precise details like subject, body, and call-to-action can guarantee a prompt and affirmative response from the recipient. However, the sender must ensure that the subject matter is up to the point and triggers the traffic sentiment.

Therefore, to conclude we can say that email marketing is still one of the most prominent and virtuous techniques to stimulate customer sentiment and convert them into actual leads eventually for business progression. It is simply regarded to be the best thump you can get for your funds to construct a strategical and meaningful business base.

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