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Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For Office Spaces

Office Space for Rent Fort Lauderdale
Office Space for Rent Fort Lauderdale

Entrepreneurship and business development has increased inexplicably over the last few years. The traditional format of finding a profession is giving way to a whole host of young entrepreneurs looking to provide a service to the world or seeking financial freedom. As the number of businesses multiply and flourish, some companies are in desperate need to find a dedicated office space. Looking for an office space for rent particularly in Fort Lauderdale presents a number of benefits and challenges. Finding and obtaining a new office space can be very difficult, especially for first-time business owners. Questions can arise regarding the space, the structure of the lease and the requirements surrounding the acquisition. While the procedure can be quite stressful, there are a few particulars one should consider before initiating this process.

Location & Convenience

When buying a house or apartment, prospective homeowners select properties in an affluent areas around important amenities and social activities. The value of the property is demonstrated by the quality and looks of the surrounding properties.

Similarly, as a business owner, you should attempt to find an office space in a desirable location that is accessible to both employees and future clients. The right location serves as a great indicator to a business’ professionalism, outreach and desire for growth.

In this same manner, industrial parks have become popular places for small businesses to exist because via a process of association – a business around other successful businesses instinctually suggests a firm with similar levels of expertise and quality.

Aesthetic and feel are imperative to the success of a business. Clients are making up their minds about requesting your services as soon as they enter the building. Location becomes a great illustrator to the aspirations of a business. It works even better when the location is visibly accessible – if customers or prospective clients can visibly see the business and can successfully navigate their way to the entrance, the success of a deal rises exponentially.

Space for Growth

Acquiring a small office space might be cute and cost-effective now, but as a business owner, the expansion of your business is intrinsically linked to the number of individuals working. Hence, while your small office suits the five to ten employees you currently have, it cannot sustain the future hundred you could acquire in the next few years.

You need to include space for growth. Additionally, with more employees, you’ll need more office furniture. Office furniture takes up a considerable amount of floor space, which you might have in short supply if you choose to go with a small office space.

Your new office space does not need to be your place for the future, but you might want to find a space with the future in mind. While growth can be tracked, it is often unpredictable. A large number of startups have been known to increase greatly in a matter of months rather than years. Growth depends entirely on the work and effectiveness of the business and your office should provide a sustainable and adaptable space for these impending changes.

Rent vs. Buying/Shared or Owned

Comparing office spaces to the housing market again, prospective homeowners are faced with the question of deciding between renting and buying a home. Budget, income and preferred mode of living decide how an individual or couple intends to acquire a home.

Similarly, as a business owner, you will be faced with the same issue. Most successful business owners suggest purchasing a space. It allows for unique decoration, dedicated work spaces, and growth; owning the building or particular office opens the door for complete customization to aid your business’ growth.

Unfortunately, these benefits are attributed to a select few. As a new business owner, you may not have the capital to purchase your own space. An office space for rent can always be found, and a lot are readily available; allowing the subject to stay for a limited engagement while their business grows. Another aspect of renting an office can be the idea of a shared office space.  For some businesses, shared office spaces can be hugely convenient. A lot of new business in Fort Lauderdale are run by single individuals so having the ability to rent an office when you need one can appear to be a fairly lucrative concept.

Before renting an office space, be sure to understand the specifications of the space. Is it only associated with your business or is it shared by other companies? Shared spaces can shift from a convenient partnership to a complex engagement. As your business grows and the number of clients multiply, therefore, having a dedicated space can be hugely beneficial. You won’t need to negotiate with another individual on the space’s availability. It is highly recommended that you don’t to share your office space. Your office should be dedicated to your business and your business alone.


An undervalued aspect of owning a space relates to the issue of parking. Available parking space is always an issue for contention. Another great indicator to the success of a business adheres to the creation of a dedicated parking lot or parking spaces. You will find most businesses have a parking space either out in front, around the back or at side of the building. If clients and customers can see the building from the parking lot, there are more likely to enter the building. A dedicated parking area also increases safety; clients feel that if their cars are in safe hands, so too will their ideas, issues and products.

Hidden Costs & Specifics of Lease

Leases come with great flexibility in the long-term, even if in the short term it might feel like you are signing your soul away. Unfortunately, with a number of leases, there could be a number of hidden costs. Utilities, moving expenses amongst other things may not be highlighted in the initial lease agreement. Asking these questions before signing the agreement should be imperative. Furthermore, understanding the specifics of the lease is also immensely important. You should be informed about what happens should you break the lease, or move before the lease ends, also you should know whether the rate stays secure and its duration.

Fort Lauderdale presents a wonderful place to start a business. As a location, it is close to Miami and other central business hubs. Finding an office space for rent in Fort Lauderdale should be incredibly easy to find. Adhering to these tips when selecting the place of your business will place you in a great position, especially for the future.

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