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Knowledge about screen printing.

Screen printing is a printing process where a surface is printed by placing a mesh on top of it and applying ink on top of the mesh. The ink is often barred from reaching other places by a stencil. Stenciling is a process where an image or a pattern is produced by applying a pigment over a surface that has been covered by an intermediate surface, which creates a pattern of this ink, allowing the pigment to reach only is some parts of the underlying surface.

This process requires a lot of creativity and art skills. Once a person has these skills, he will be able to be fast in his or her work. In addition to being fast, the person will produce quality work, therefore, attracting a lot of customers. This exercise can involve the printing of t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, shoes, sweaters, small boards, among other items.

How the printing screen is made.

The screen is made from a piece of mesh which is often stretched over a frame. The makeup material for the mesh is always a synthetic polymer, and mostly nylon is preferred. After assembling the materials for making the screen, small apertures are made on the nylon according to the quality of the design needed.

For this mesh to be effective, it should be mounted on a frame. The work of this frame is to ensure that there is the stability of the mesh. Besides the mesh being placed in a frame, it should also be in tension. The tension helps greatly during the application of ink. A mesh that has tension will distribute the ink evenly, while a mesh that has no tension will distribute the ink unevenly.

The frame that holds the mesh is often made from diverse materials. These materials will depend on the sophistication of the end product after screening. The materials include wood, aluminum, steel, among others. Adjustment of the tension of the mesh is made when it is connected to the frame surrounding it. This tension is measured by tension meter in its standard units, which are Newton’s per centimeter.

When one learns about screen printing, he or she may become curious about how screen printing works and the results. Therefore they may ask themselves: Is there a company for screen printing near me? The selection of a screen printing company depends on some factors. The factors include the consistency of the company in producing quality products, the cost-effectiveness of the company, the reliability of the company when the required products are needed, among a variety of considerations.

Some factors that affect the cost of screen printing.

Learning the factors that affect the cost of screen printing will help one to cut off unnecessary expenses incurred during screen printing. The factors include;

  1. Type of garment to be printed. For every product, there are several ranges of prices. The prices can be inexpensive, mid-range and expensive. For example, the process of printing a cotton shirt is different from that of jeans.
  2. Quantity ordered. When a large number of products are ordered for printing, the cost will be relatively cheaper compared to when one or a few products are ordered.
  3. Location of the print required. Each location in print requires a new set up. Therefore, the cost of printing a t-shirt on the front part is cheaper than that of printing the t-shirt front and back.
  4. The number of colors on each design. When each a new color is being introduced in print, then it will involve using a new print set up. Therefore printing of several colors is expensive than printing one color.


Good selection of a printing company is important. One should keenly learn about the company and the screen printing process in general, before selecting a printing company. This will avoid a lot of errors which are created during screen printing.

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