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Top 3 Modes Of Transport For Pallet Delivery

Pallet delivery services are the ideal way to easily ship items safely and cost effectively to an international destination. But depending on your needs and budget, how you choose to have those items moved may differ. Below we explore the benefits and drawbacks of road, sea and air transport so that you can choose the best way to move your goods for your business.

Moving Pallets by Road

PROS:  Inexpensive, flexible, convenient, and private

CONS:  Less safe, can be less reliable, noisy, and bad for the environment

In some situations moving pallets by road will be the best if not the only choice. Moving items within a town or city, for example, will need to be done by road. Most long distance pallet transports are best served by choosing another mode of travel though the road option does offer far greater flexibility. Most businesses find that using sea, air or rail as their primary mode of delivery works best, and use road travel as a secondary mode to get items to more remote or recluse destinations.

Moving Pallets by Sea

PROS: Cost effective, safe, better for the environment than road transport, greater capacity

CONS: Slow, prone to delays and being off schedule due to environmental factors

Ocean freight can be the ideal way to transport goods via pallet delivery in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or to the United States. This form of transport is the most budget-friendly option for those who are shipping items which they may not need immediately or within a set time frame. Depending on where items are being shipped from, it can take days if not weeks for items to arrive.

Moving Pallets by Air

PROS: Quick, safe, most reliable

CONS: Expensive, limited routes, inflexible

If you need something quickly and on time, then air travel is the way to go. Not only is it the speediest of the transport options, it is also the most reliable. Much like sea travel, flights are delayed because of weather conditions. However, airlines tend to be better with rescheduling and have greater flexibility in that regard than sea transport. This means that you are far more likely to receive goods on time than by choosing another mode of transportation.

Other Transportation Options

Road, sea and air are not the only transportation options available to businesses, but they do tend to be the most preferable. Some other options that one may consider include:

  • Rail transportation: This reliable and environmentally-friendly way to transport goods is not as quick as air freight, but it is faster than sea travel. Routes tend to be inflexible and it can be expensive, so weigh your options based on what you can afford and your business needs

Courier transportation: Couriers are an ideal solution for short distances. Quick, reliable and secure, businesses who choose a courier can be sure to receive their items in a short period of time. This type of transport does come with its own limitations, however, in terms of product weight and volume.

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