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Why Care Homes Focus On Nutrition

Providing adequate nutritional care is an extremely important part of the care home experience. After all, each of our residents needs to be eating a healthy diet that will ensure that they get everything that they need to stay healthy while also being interesting enough to ensure that they never get bored of the options they have.

Here at the St Charles Manor Care Home we put special care into every nutritional plan that we create, ensuring that they are specifically tailored to the residents and their particular needs.

This is why we are the best Care home in Victoria BC, as we take pride in the care that we offer and want to ensure that each of our residents is as comfortable and healthy as possible at all times.

There are many reasons why nutrition is an important part of what we do. Here are just a few reasons.


Giving The Body What It Needs

Each type of food has a different nutritional value, with some being higher in certain vitamins than others as an example. Furthermore, the body needs a certain amount of each type of vitamin to function properly.

Our nutritional plans take this into account and we take special care in determining the areas where a resident’s diet needs to improve and adapting their diet accordingly.

Avoiding Weight Loss and Dehydration

Even when taking the basic nutritional value of food as a given, it is simply important that we ensure that every single one of our residents is fed on a regular basis to ensure that they don’t suffer from the harrowing effects of weight loss of dehydration.

This is especially important for older residents, as a lack of food can lead to a loss of energy and vitality. This not only makes participating in activities with other residents more difficult, but also leads them to being increasingly susceptible to various ailments.

As such, our dietary plans are implemented to ensure that everybody gets the food that they need on a regular basis.

Less Stress

The food that a person eats has an impact on the way that their brain functions, so it is important that every diet we create takes this into account.

Many new arrivals find that there is a period of adjustment required to get used to their new surroundings, which we aim to make as easy as possible. Providing the right kinds of food is an enormous part of that, as we want all of residents to enjoy themselves and be free of stress.

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