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Tips On How To Edit Your Coursework Before Submission

This article looks at some top tips on how to check and edit your coursework before the submission deadline. Remember, always start your coursework early so that you have plenty of time to proofread, edit and improve your work before you hand it in.

Tips On How To Edit Your Coursework Before Submission

1. Make sure your work Fulfils the Coursework brief

Go back and read the requirements for your coursework. Does your work answer the question that was set? Do you use the appropriate resources that were given? Make a checklist of everything that was required, and tick off your coursework against it.

This also includes the length of your coursework, is it over/under the required word count? Remember, most universities allow a 10% margin either way.

2. Check your Spelling and Punctuation

Read through your coursework carefully and check that there are no spelling or punctuation errors. Do not rely on a computer spellchecker as it will not pick up any errors in using the wrong word, e.g. “there”, “their” and “they’re”. You may have spelt the word correctly but you could be using the wrong one! Check your punctuation and make sure it is consistent. Look for any minor errors, such as unnecessary (or missing) apostrophes, as these will lose you easy marks.

Tips On How To Edit Your Coursework Before Submission

3. Check your Structure

Make sure that your coursework flows smoothly. Have you structured your coursework effectively? Does your coursework have an introduction and conclusion? If your coursework is really long, you may wish to have a short introduction for each chapter. Make sure that your coursework follows a logical argument and is easy to read. Use page numbers and give different sections appropriate headings.

4. Check your References

Referencing is very important and careless mistakes can lose you easy marks. Whatever referencing style you are using, for example Harvard or MLA, make sure that it is consistent throughout your coursework. Check your course handbook for what referencing style you should be using.

Your course or university will often have set rules for referencing and a very strict style that must be followed. Make sure you study this carefully and that all of your references follow this style. Check that any referenced material has been cited correctly. If you are quoting directly then use quotation marks, otherwise ensure you paraphrase the ideas or arguments of other authors.

Tips On How To Edit Your Coursework Before Submission

Finally, ask a friend or relative to read through your coursework for you. A different set of eyes will give a fresh perspective and they may pick up on things that you have overlooked. You also have the option to get a professional with writing expertise to proofread and edit your essay from companies like Ivory Research that have academic writing expertise. Make sure you give yourself enough time to thoroughly proofread and edit your coursework. Good luck!

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