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How To Use That Little Label Maker To Boost Office Productivity and Morale

It’s not uncommon to see label makers put to work in the office to keep folders and drawers in order, but most people don’t think further than this when choosing and using a label maker. If you’re trying to figure out whether you should buy a label maker for the office or how you can use one that has already been purchased for office use, here are some ideas to help you keep the office running smoothly.

Consider what Fonts and Tape you Really need

If you’re filling out a purchase order for a label maker and are trying to choose one that is inexpensive yet gets the job done, consider this: in general, the more options you have, the more you’ll pay for them. If you can make a simple machine that only prints one font on one type of tape work for your office, this will almost certainly be the cheapest option. You may not be able to choose the fonts you want with this kind of label maker – it will probably be an Arial-like font that is simple and can work in just about every professional situation. However, a powerful machine like the dymo 450 can create address labels and barcodes, which is important in office environments.

Create Labels for Fridge Space or Name Badges

Do employees often complain about stolen lunches or not knowing the names of visitors? Label makers can help you create name tags for guests so that everyone can call them by their proper name or sort out lunch room disagreements. If everyone knows whose food is on which shelf, it helps reduce lunch thievery in the office. Name badges for guests and employees create a professional impression, so make sure you use the label maker to create consistent labels for all nametags.

Label Electrical Cords and Reduce Errors

Do you find that you always unplug the printer when you’re trying to unplug your laptop charging cable? Use a label maker to create tags for electrical cords at the base of the cord where they plug into the wall or a power strip. This means you won’t accidentally unplug your coworker’s mini-fridge while trying to move your label maker! Take the opportunity to brush up on your electrical safety to ensure your office is safe, too.

Keep Storage Space Organized

Many offices decorate for the holidays but don’t separate the holiday decorations. If you find yourself wading through the Christmas decorations to find Easter eggs and going away decorations, try separating the decorations into different bins and labeling each bin. No matter who is putting up or taking down decorations, they will know what belongs where and it will make it a snap to decorate the lunch room for any time of year.

If you find that employees struggle to remember each other’s names, figure out where decorations are stored, keep their lunch safe from thieves, and so on, a label maker can solve all of these dilemmas and more. Think outside the box when it comes to acquiring and using a label maker. Simple identification labels can help boost both productivity and morale in many different ways!

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