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Tips for Moving With Kids

We all know that moving is tiresome. Add kids into this undertaking, and your stress level will increase exponentially – may it be moving with kids out of state or just a few cities.

Although it comes with a few unfortunate conditions, moving is mostly for good reasons. Just make sure to include your kids in the process of moving so they will feel that it is something exciting for the family.

Remember, they are saying goodbye to the house they have lived and loved, so ensure the experience would be positive for your kids. Below are key tips on how to move with kids.


Make It Exciting

Make your move exciting by treating it like an adventure instead of a sad experience. You can turn into a contest with exciting prizes such as who can pack their things fastest. Involve your kids in making decisions in their new rooms, like picking a paint color. Involving kids in the process will help in making them feel more comfortable with their new set up.

Start Months Earlier

Packing will take up twice as long if you are packing and moving with kids. Make sure to start preparing and packing for the big move months ahead instead of weeks so you won’t be stressed out and your kids can prepare themselves as well.

Hiring movers in Nanaimo can help the preparation.

Involve the kids

Your kids may want to help you out with packing. Let them participate in the house hunting. Take them along and show them for the potential houses and ask them what they want to have in your new house.  If you and your loved ones have picked a house, make sure to explore the surrounding community.

Bid Goodbye

On the day of the move, after everything has been packed and hauled into moving vans, it may help to have your kids go back to your house and take a final goodbye. You can along with them and go into each room for the last time to say your farewell to your old house. It may be quite sad but saying goodbye can be therapeutic for the whole family.

Contact Sunrise Moving And Storage if you are moving anywhere in BC Canada as they’ll be able to help provide more tips for moving with children.

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