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Indian Interest In Singapore Real Estate Is Growing – Here Are The Best Places To Invest

Indian citizens are recognizing the power and potential of Singapore real estate, as a sound investment which may just pay off royally down the line. Today, we’d like to share some insider tips on where to invest in Singapore real estate. Our tips are great for people from India or other foreign real estate buyers who are giving the island city-state of Singapore a closer look…

Singapore Real Estate Overview

Recently, the Singapore real estate market underwent a correction. This wasn’t triggered by forces in the market. Rather, it was triggered by government regulations which were enacted in order to make the market less “hot”. The cooling down was orchestrated with the good of Singapore in mind. In 2015, the market rose by two percent and most real estate experts anticipate more increases in the future.

Indian Interest In Singapore Real Estate Is Growing - Here Are The Best Places To Invest

While investors should use caution, as the recovery is new and may be more fragile than expected, the city does offer a lot of opportunities. For example, investors who are interested in accessing long-term capital gains and income from rentals may find lots of “goodies” among listed properties.

Investors from India or elsewhere may purchase private dwellings, condos or office space in the city centre and its most popular neighborhoods, in order to boost the odds of good resale value down the line. Location is ever the watchword in real estate and it’s definitely no different in Singapore!

Where to Look for Opportunities

If you’ve got some serious funds at your disposal, you may want to look for a luxury home and use that as an investment opportunity. You may flip it down the line or live in it while you’re not in India. Investing in the best and most desirable neighborhoods rarely backfires. However, homes in certain areas may cost up to thirty million dollars. Examples of super-exclusive neighborhoods to check out include the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road and Holland Village.

Singapore is a Great Place to Invest

Naturally, the city centre, where so much business happens, is another great place to look for opportunities. It’s a hub for fintech and so many other types of businesses. Since the Singaporean government is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and helping tech startups and other kinds of new ventures to “find their feet” and grow, there are plenty of people who need to rent office space downtown. As well, plenty of people want to live downtown in order to avoid tiresome commutes.

Now that you know more about Indian interest in Singapore real estate, why not think about investing in Singapore property yourself? We recommend avoiding buying any property, sight unseen. It’s a worth a trip to check things out. If you’re a foreign buyer, make sure that you have a good lawyer who specializes in making foreign real estate buys easier and more secure for his or her clients. You can never be too careful.

Once you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll be ready to grab your preferred property for a relatively low price, with a mind to selling it for more in the future.

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