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Tips For Driving A Manual Transmission Vehicle

We are happy that you started reading this article because it will give you some tips and tricks about driving a manual transmission car. After reading this detailed article-guide you will be able to start the car, start moving in it, and also upshift into higher gears without any problems. The main thing you need to understand is that you may not be able to do so from the very beginning, but practice and time will master your skill to perfection!

1. Push in the Clutch and the Brakes and Start the Engine:

First and foremost thing for you to do before you start doing any actions is that you are in a secluded area where you will not have a possibility to hurt anyone. You should also make sure that you have enough space in front of the vehicle as well as on the sides so you can move at different speeds without any chance of running into something. With no doubt if you love your Nissan Maxima, and decided to buy this car then you definitely do not want your car to be crushed within only several minutes of being behind the wheel.

To start the car, you need to push the clutch in all the way in, make sure to hold it down, and then simply turn the key. Verify that the car is in neutral before you release the clutch. To check it you can just wiggle the stick from side to side to see if you can move it left and right easily; if you do, then you are in neutral.

2. With the Clutch In, Move the Stick to the First Gear:

You already have a running car so you need to turn the emergency brake off (it is handbrake). Now you need to push the clutch in all the way, and put the car into first gear with the help of the gear stick. Most frequently it is on the left top side of the possible gear positions.

3. Release the Clutch Till the Car Just Starts to Roll:

Now you need to start releasing the clutch very gently until you feel that the car starts moving. At this point you need to get and understand the feeling for this biting point. Practice as much as you can until you can get to that point quickly.

4. Add Some Gas:

Now that you have the point of the biting point, you can begin gently adding some gas by also pushing the gas pedal a little bit down. This is where you need to understand where the point is at which you get enough and not too much gas given. With too little gas you will simply stall the cat. With too much of it – you will burn the clutch and destroy the vehicle. Practice much to get the right feeling.

5. When You Are Ready, Get Off the Clutch:

And the final step is to let go the clutch very carefully at the same time adding some gas. In this way you will hear the perfect sound of Chevrolet Malibu car and make it move. You need to repeat the starting moment as much as possible so that it is not a problem anymore for you.

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