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Thermal inkjet printer application in pipe industry

Better protection against dusty environments in pipe plants such as PVC.

The thermal inkjet printer focus on the development, production, manufacture and service of pipe automation marking equipment. For the protection of grades, reliability, economy and other pipe manufacturers, we will continue to provide better products and services.

Tube industry inkjet renderings show that we provide cost-effective marking equipment for different pipe production and processing companies such as PPR/PVC/PE, including thermal inkjet printer, high resolution inkjet printer, fly laser printers etc. Type device. Please call us for more technical support.

In the face of near-continuous running time, dusty environment and extreme temperatures, we have a higher IP protection rating, and we can not only achieve consistent coding during the life of your printer. Quality, and you can also minimize maintenance with a reliable solution from us.

The pipe printer and service can extend the normal running time of the thermal inkjet printer and improve the marking stability of the pipe on the extruder.

The thermal inkjet printer has a higher level of IP protection, and comes standard with automatic cleaning. The optional positive pressure air system ensures clean, optimized ink path system for longer stable operation. Code work,

thermal inkjet printer has also been developed in recent years. More pipe factory customers can achieve online coding by purchasing cheaper thermal inkjet printers, which can form more flexible logos on pipes and facilitate sales.

The laser printer series also has After years of development and optimization, it has become smarter, simpler, longer in endurance, low in cost, simple in maintenance, and more affordable in ink cartridges. It is a good tube industry choice.

In terms of ink, we offer more types of choices

In view of the particularity of the pipe industry, we will encounter a variety of materials in the actual production and life, such as PPR, PVC, PE, and even aluminum and plastic pipes, the color difference is very large, then we need more the type of ink to develop a solution.

Including our common black, white, blue, yellow and other different types of inks, including pigment cartridge inks, can be recommended for different customer needs.

High-contrast pigmented inks and UV-curable inks provide high-contrast marking on dark surfaces with high adhesion to avoid ink transfer.

In addition to the printer, we also have thermal inkjet printer.

When the thermal inkjet printer appeared in the sequence of marking equipment, many pipe and pipe manufacturers in the early stage kept a wait-and-see attitude, and did not have much confidence in stability, reliability and customer acceptance. As time goes by, all kinds of concerns have begun to disappear.

It is more environmentally friendly and cleaner. It can form a clear, beautiful and permanent mark on the surface of the pipe. It can increase the grade of the pipe, enhance the brand image and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

It can print variable data for anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management. Common types include barcode and QR code. The laser machine supports data transmission function, which can be matched with online industrial computer or computer to realize real-time dynamic playing. code.

In terms of smoke treatment systems, we offer a professional smoke evacuation system that solves the corrosive fumes generated by thermal inkjet printer on PVC pipes to maintain a clean marking environment.

In the pipe industry, we have extensive experience and can provide comprehensive after-sales service.

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