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How to Differentiate Between Trademarks and A Patent

registration patent

What is a trademark?

Any kind of symbol, numbers, sentence, words, phrases, colour combinations or design which symbolizes a particular brand, product or company are registered under the trademark. A type of registration for a particular property consists of symbol, numbers, sentence, words, phrases, colour combinations or design is called a TRADEMARK.

When trademarks are used?

Trademarks are used to distinguish between the products and goods or a particular brand from other with a name, colours combination, phrases or symbol or numbers. For sum up, it is used to provide authority and protection to the owner of that particular brand or product to use, sell, import or export the product.

Trademarks are for marketing purpose and to reach more audience. This is the thing which helps the audience to differentiate between the similar product from different brands.

Benefits of having trademarks

  1. Give your product an identity: By registering for a trademark you can give your product its own identity. Since, the symbol, colours and shapes are not the same so it differentiates it from others. And also helps to get recognized by the people.
  2. Provide protection and privacy: Trademarks provide the protection ad privacy to the owner or a company to get a unique identity. They can’t be copied.
  3. Helps to reach an audience: Well, logo or symbol of the product or brand is the only thing which makes that product different from others. If it is not applied, not only for the organizations but also for the targeted audience it will be difficult to recognize the difference between the two.

What is patent?

A patent is a legal registration which is done for the claiming of an invention. These inventions could be anything like ideas, technology, plants or properties. The purpose of registration patent is to get the authority to access the product in any way excluded others. Whether it an importing of the product or the exporting of the product or selling, no one claims it for their own.

When a patent is used?

When is used when you have a unique idea, technologies, plants, seeds, designs for anything whether a painting or any other artworks you can register a patent.

Types of patent:

Utility patent: most common and being used patent is utility patent. This patent is registered for the claim of technology, ideas or business. There are two types of an application under this patent.

  1. A provisional application for a utility patent
  2. Non-provisional application for a utility patent

Benefits of having a patent

There are many benefits of having a patent. Having authority over a product, idea or technology is the most important benefit of filing for the patent. And apart from this you get the license to buy any small business or can sell one. You got the license to do that. And can also reduce the risk of getting dominated by the competitors in a certain way.

Key difference between the two:

  1. A registration patent is for a limited period granted by the government with legal documentation whereas trademarks are the grant for the product and service from that particular organization.
  2. Trademark applies to sign, symbol, word, phrases, logos, images or designs; that too nearly resembles with the company’s mark. On the contrary, the patent covers the inventions in any field.
  3. The patent applies for the inventions but trademarks are for the protection of logo, symbols, phrases, a combination of colours or numbers.
  4. Trademarks last for only one decade whereas the patent lasts for two decades.
  5. Registration of trademarks depends upon the business or product owner whether he wants to register for the trademark or not but the registration of a patent is mandatory for everyone.
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