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The Street Food Of Chennai – 5 Best Way To Tickle Your Taste Buds

The Street Food Of Chennai - 5 Best Way To Tickle Your Taste Buds

Apart from showcasing a deep rooted heritage and being an important hub for business, Chennai’s cuisine shares an equal place in the hearts of its people. For outsiders, Chennai might be confined to Idli Sambhar and Dosa, but there’s more to it when it comes to street surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the major street delicacies in Chennai, that will surely tickle your taste buds.

For a street food aficionado, Chennai comes loaded with a variety of surprises. From Parottas to Curry Dosa, the streets of Chennai swarms with food stalls to cater to everyone’s taste. A majority of them comes at a very cheap prices and can be consumed conveniently on the go. Each year millions of people visit Chennai to explore its monuments, temples, new business opportunities and food.

The Street Food Of Chennai - 5 Best Way To Tickle Your Taste Buds

Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities in India and is considered an epicentre in the Southern part of the country. It is a big, booming city with major industries running their bases and is conveniently connected to other major parts of the country and the world. For tourists, Chennai is home to several historical monuments, beautiful temples and several other modern attractions. Accommodation wise, there are some really fancy as well as affordable hotels in Chennai.

Talking of street food, Chennai is home to some of the most lip-smacking varieties. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks, that you should definitely try.

Idli Sambhar: One of the most popular dishes in not just Chennai but all over the country, Idli Sambhar is your idle tummy friendly food. The Idli is made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils, which is cooked over steam. Sambhar is the spicy, traditional side dish, which is made using different vegetables. This street food is considered to be a healthy snack and consumed mostly on breakfasts.

Parotta: The southern kin to northern Parantha, this is another famous street food which could be found in every other corner of Chennai. Comes mostly in a stuffed form, Parotta is made with mixed or refined flour and stuffed with minced meat or vegetables and served with salna (spicy sauce) and onion raita. You can also mix Parottas with scrambled eggs and chillis to make it a typical Chennaiyan snack.

Idiyappam: This filling snack might look like a pressed ball of noodles. Made from rice flour, this delicacy can be found anywhere in Chennai. Mixed with coconut chutney and spicy curries, it makes for a mouthwatering street food and heartily enjoyed by students and working professionals, as they can simply gulp it down in a single bite.

Dosa: It’s quite impossible to not to see a Dosa stall on the roads in Chennai. These savoury, paper thin pancakes are made from rice flour and served with sambhar and various chutneys. There are hundred of varieties of Dosa to be found in Chennai and makes for a fantastic quick meal.

Atho: If you’re tired of trying the usual, Atho will come as a surprise to you. At first glance it seems like a normal platter of noodles but having a fork full brings the typical flavours of Chennai.

If you’re a real foodie and want to explore the true delights of South India, Chennai is the place to be. If you’re planning for a quick journey then there are several cheap hotels in Chennai, just perfect to keep your bags and explore the city.

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