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Bangalore – A Vacation In The Garden City Of India


Green gardens beside tall skyscrapers in every part of the city, working professionals in all public transports during peak hours, warm people with smiles on their face and a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year. All these and more describe the beautiful city of Bangalore. A city loved and revisited by many and a long dream to see for some.

Bangalore is easily one of the top destination people seek out to go for. An exciting city which is not only the IT capital of India but also host to many heart thumping concerts and parties by internationally acclaimed artists, bands and DJs attracting huge crowds of youngsters each year. On the other side, its homely ambience in the serene residential areas is also the main reason why it is also a favorite among the old retired folks.

Bangalore - A Vacation In The Garden City Of India

This capital city of Karnataka has so much to offer to everyone regardless of their age or preference that it is often revisited by many while most even choose to settle which is one reason why Bangalore is continuously expanding to this date and the suburbs are no longer considered suburbs but a part of the city. The ever increasing number of visitors also increased the number of hotels in Bangalore subsequently giving rise to the presence of at least a couple of hotels in each area and a fleet of them in some. The most concentrated number of hotels lie around the MG road/Brigade road stretch which is the heart of the city. This stretch is the busiest area of the city where you will find anything from pubs to shopping complexes for huge brands to street shopping to theatres and many eatery stalls and restaurants.

Although hotels in Bangalore are pretty much everywhere, you will also find a concentrated chunk of hotels in the Majestic train station area and Koramangala area. Koramangala is the posh residential area of South Bangalore and although a residential area, this huge locality divided into 8 blocks have a commercial area within the locality. The evenings in Koramangala 6th block will give you the taste of some of the best street food in Bangalore where the vendors come with their stalls on their cart spread along a long stretch on side of the road. The 5th block area is the main commercial hub. Anything from internal food chains to big shops and the best restaurants and hotels in Bangalore. It is also the area where you could get some of the best pubs in Bangalore and also some major office buildings and banks.

Bangalore - A Vacation In The Garden City Of India

The food in Bangalore is mostly South Indian cuisine and some restaurants and small eatery outlets sells the best idlidosas you will ever get to eat anywhere in India. There are also many restaurants serving only dishes of specific international cuisine like German, English, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean and pretty much everything. These restaurants prepare, cook and serve the dish with such finesse it would take you to that country and back. There is also a chain of restaurant called “Nagarjuna” present only in Bangalore. These chains of restaurants have their shop three locations in Bangalore. Serving authentic mouth watering Andhra cuisine, to get a table in this restaurant you may have to wait for hours outside the door of the restaurant. The Banana leaves used as plate and the elements of the almost 10 to 15 dishes laid out on you leaf plate adds to the whole experience.

Bangalore has one of the cleanest and biggest airports in India. This international airport is not only one of the most busiest but also one of the most well maintained with long stretches of lush greeneries. All major domestic and international airlines like Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo, Qatar, Emirates, Jet airways, Go Air airlines, etc. operate in this airport on a regular basis. Book your ticket in advance and you may be able to save some more money to spend on you holiday!

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