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The Six Advantages Of Using Air Freight Services

Air freight miami

There are major advantages when it comes to using an air freight service to ship goods across the country or even internationally. There are many other forms of transportation all coming with their own set of advantages and disadvantages such as land, air, or sea. While ocean transportation may be a cheaper alternative, it often takes far longer to transport your goods or items to the desired location. Train transportation is another option that is utilized quite a bit but come with its drawbacks as well, including limited shipping to rural areas, less space available compared to air and ocean, and unsuitable for shorter distances. Ground transportation such as trucks also come with certain disadvantages such as accidents, weather, and even theft. In this article we will discuss the six major advantages of using air freight and if you are in the Miami area why Esquire Logistics should be your go to choice when considering air freight in Miami.

The Need for Speed

If you are looking to ship something across seas or otherwise air freight is your best possible option. Most companies offer a set delivery time and not meeting that timeline can result in customers searching elsewhere (possibly your competitors) to get what they want and need faster. Having the proper distribution channels is absolutely crucial in this day and age where amazon rules supreme. In a world where instant gratification is a deciding factor this may be the best option available for your business this is also vital if the goods you are transporting are perishable product or good. When a package or shipment arrives before the expected delivery date it really makes the party receiving the shipment feel valued and could help put others ahead of schedule resulting in your reputation being boosted.

Covering Your Bases and Business

Reduced shipment times means that your product or good is held by the shipper for a lower amount of time which in turn reduces the insurance cost that it takes to ship your load. When your package or shipment goes through less hands you pay less money. Streamlining and expediting this process can pay off huge in the long run. You can’t pay put a price on a piece of mind so knowing that you shipment is with one responsible air freight service can help alleviate any worries. Another good thing to think about is the fewer the stops that your shipment makes the smaller the risk of a security breach. Many businesses ship valuable things that are at a higher risk of getting stolen or damaged so have one service responsible for the shipment is a good thing to consider when choosing an air freight service in Miami.

Shed Those Pounds

When shipping anything whether it is for business or personal reasons you are usually charged by the weight of the load / package. When shipping by land or sea packages require more packaging material to protect them because of rough and unmaintained roads and if by sea, storms, waves and weather. When you use air freight the package is statistically safer due to the mitigation of volatile conditions. Shedding the weight of your package means shedding the costs and expenses associated with shipping. You could look at it from another standpoint as well, environmental impact. If you run a business you are probably looking for as many ways possible to stand out among the bunch. If you ship with air you will have the luxury of claiming your business is environmentally friendly because you use less materials (plastics , packaging peanuts, etc.) than other more traditional ways of transporting shipments. Less saves you more whether it be air, land or sea so keep that in mind when deciding how you want to send your shipment.

Tracking and Monitoring

When you use air as a mode of transportation for your shipment you are gaining an advantage due to the fact that you can provide accurate and concise tracking options. Everytime that package leaves the ground or moves, by law, it must be scanned and have a certain level of accountability. Everytime it is scanned if you are using modern tracking methods, it is automatically updated and your customers or whoever is receiving the package can be updated. With most consumers utilizing Amazon daily this is a must if you ship a lot for your business. People want to be kept in the loop and know whats going on with something they paid for and are expecting. Amazon does a great job of doing this and it shows that consumers really appreciate the constant accountability of what they ordered. This is a huge reason as to why choosing air freight is the right idea for you or your business.

No Warehouse No Problem

If you ship on a large scale and continuously you may be familiar with the expenses associated with warehouse fees for storage. When cargo is able to arrive and depart without delay, inventory management becomes more natural. This is a huge advantage when it comes to adapting to buyer trends, seasons, and full inventory. Unless you own your own warehouse and your own distribution channels you are going to want to avoid your shipment staying too long at a warehouse by any means necessary. Choosing air freight almost guarantees the time your shipment sits in a warehouse is drastically reduced.

You Have to Have Trust

Know the risk involved but you should always decide who you want to ship your goods based on trust. Airport fees, shipping fees, taxes are all part of the package. It is also vital to consider the intangibles when it comes to shipping. While risk is mitigated when you choose air freight there are also problems associated with that method. So it is so important to go with a trusted and true company that you know you can rely on and has experience and the right connections to safely, securely, and affordably get your items where they need to be on time.

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