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Should Your Business Use Online Legal Forms?

Today there are countless legal resource “stores” online that sells (or gives away) legal forms that can be used by small businesses. Most of the forms are generic enough that they can be used by multiple business types. Invoices, service contracts, bill of sales, and even business incorporation forms are all fairly straight forward enough that online versions will work for most small to mid-sized businesses of regular complexity.

Complexity is Key:

IF you a small group of partners with the idea of creating an auto body shop, coffee shop, comic book store, or even a web design firm then, yes, using online incorporation forms and service contracts is probably going to be fine.

IF you are buying into a franchise or have a business where there will be stock or public inclusion it is probably not a good idea to use an online form without at least some form of legal review.

IF you are selling a vehicle, online sales agreements will work without you needing any legal consult. IF you are selling a home or apartment building, obviously you need a lawyer.

It isn’t necessary to spend thousands on a partnership or LLC incorporation when the form is straightforward and your state’s incorporation board will also help you with any questions you may have. It isn’t necessary to consult an attorney on sales. They are all very straight-forward legal transactions performed daily all over the country.

Online business forms will work for less complex legal issues: incorporation/LLC, trademark registration, sales, straight forward contracts, property agreements, etc. Not only will they work but you will save thousands in legal fees that you can put towards your business.

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