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5 Ways To Help Your Company Stand Out

5 Ways To Help Your Company Stand Out

With all the corporate misdeeds in the news and greedy financial raiders, lots of companies get in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Even still, it’s difficult to build brand awareness in a society fraught with intense competition, especially if you’re just starting out. But here are five ways you can help your company stand out in a positive way.

Volunteer In Your Community

CEOs who volunteer in their towns or cities get noticed. Select a charity in which you’re interested and start helping others. Let everyone know what corporation is benefitting them. Print your logo on T-shirts, caps or cups and hand them out to volunteers and patrons at events. Whether you’re benefitting needy or sick children or creating your own foundation, the news about such largesse goes a long way.

Build Your Network

Start building a network of potential clients, suppliers and influencers who can spread the news about your company and products. Attend at least two or three business events each month, according to Entrepreneur. These can include luncheons, seminars and even tradeshows. Pass out business cards at events. If you have expertise on a particular topic, volunteer to speak at one of the meetings.

Enhance The Environment

People like to see companies who are concerned about the environment. Start using energy-efficient lighting in your office and let the public know you’re doing it. Recycle your garbage. One way to draw an immense amount of interest as an environmentalist is to save energy with green roofing — planting a garden on your roof for both aesthetic and health reasons. These types of roofs enhance the air quality, reduce noise pollution and conserve energy.

Encourage the Media

Some celebrities and athletes spurn the media and avoid them at all costs. But when you’re building a company, it pays to cooperate with the media. Start by sending press releases about your company and the benefits people will get from using your products or services. When negative news occurs, keep the media informed about what you’re doing to correct the situation. People will respect you more for it.

Create An Optimal Advertising Plan

Your advertising plan will be contingent on the type of business you run. But create an interactive website that provides lots of information about your wares. Harness the power of social media to create buzz about your company. All it takes is a little viral marketing to get your brand noticed nationally and even internationally.

If you start instituting a few of these strategies, you will be surprised how fast you’ll help your company stand out. Spend time each day implementing these tactics and the sales will follow.

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