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Scuba Diving In Sipadan

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in East Malaysia. Sipadan is located 35 miles off the coast of Malaysian Borneo. An oceanic island is a piece of land that rises from the deep-sea floor, and the opposite is a continental island. A continental island is an island which is un-submerged by water. According to geographers, Sipadan came because of living corals growing on top of an extinct undersea volcano that is 600 meters high from the seabed. The main attraction in Sipadan is diving. It is the perfect getaway destination for divers who want to enjoy the high meter wall dive located just 15 meters from the deep blue sea. The island is home to more than 3,000 fish species, hundreds of corals, an abundance of rays, large population of turtles and sharks.

Scuba Diving In Sipadan

What to Look Forward To

  • Coral Garden – this site is a haven for any photographer. The diversity and health of coral growth found on top of the wall, and all the species that can be found in the area, make the place ideal for long dives. Any photographer will enjoy the wide angle and macro compositions.

  • Staghorn Crest – at this location, you will start descending on a gentle drop off followed by a continuing slope, at the end of the shore where there is a staghorn coral garden. The amazing part is that this area is usually bright during daytime; thus, you can clearly see the illuminated underwater images.

Diving Season

  • There are 12 diving sites off the Sipadan Island; the most popular are Turtle Cavern, Barracuda Point, Hanging Gardens, as well as South Point. There are no night dives allowed on this island, so the official diving time is from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Diving in Sipadan is all year round, but divers prefer visiting the island from April to December. For hardcore divers, this is one of the most thrilling sites that offer once-in-a-lifetime experience. Pollution, overfishing, sea dredging, as well as coral bleaching have contributed to the ruin of what was the world’s best diving site.

How to Dive

  • This island boasts of excellent diving sites and breathtaking marine life. Since the visit to the island is restricted to 120 permits per day, it is advisable that you stay in the resorts for around 4 days so that you enjoy all the activities. Choose a resort that will book your permits in advance. The longer you stay, the more visits you will have.

  • Most people describe the island as the ultimate place for a diver to visit. The place is filled with sharks, turtles, huge schools of jacks, barracuda and many more, not just randomly, but they are always in your face.Blogs, as well as top

  • Blogs, as well as top divers, praise the island as one that serves the top most recognition for the best diving site in the world. Their reason being that the coral and fish diversity outstrip that of any other place. The 600-meter dive is bustling with tropical reef and blue water pelagic. In the best terms possible, divers get only the best of the aquatic experience.

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