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Caring For Pets During Travel

Most of us have to leave behind our beloved pets with a caretaker when we travel. But this often has pet owners guilty because either they’re too worried for their welfare or because they later realize that their cat/dog could have come along. The latter option, of course, requires some planning since pets are not always comfortable with longer travel.

If an opportunity arrives where you plan on going away for a longer trip, with no one to take care of your pet, then let the following steps be your guide:

Caring For Pets During Travel

  1. If your pet has been crated before, then this is the ideal option. Pets can feel at ease when travelling in a crate. But if yours has not experienced this before then it is better to try it out at home and see if they can comfortably adjust to it.

  2. Many owners themselves do not approve of crating their pets because they feel it is unethical apart from being uncomfortable. If in case you feel the same way then why not opt for car travel- easier on both owner and the pet.

  3. Similarly, it is always a good idea to choose a mode of travel that is comfortable—if that is an option and you can manage it.

  4. Make sure they get proper exercise before the journey if they are to be crated. Either way, exercise will help them stay put for some time. Possibly because pets are likely to feel the discomfort as you are, try giving them another walk if and when required.

  5. Bring along any toys and food that they are partial to. When giving them food, give it as a snack to avoid any mess and indigestion.

  6. In case there is such a mishap where you need to clean up after them, keep in handy a supply of paper towels.

  7. It is possible that your pet will require some comfort, whether that is in terms of rubbing them softly over the head, or scratching lightly around the neck. This is just to reassure them that they are in safe and familiar hands.

  8. Also make sure to keep the leash or collar in handy, so as to avoid any unpleasant incidents with other passengers or security personnel. This way you can keep them out of mischief during the flight or when checking in.

Every pet/owner relationship is based on proper care and attention. Especially when travelling, you need to give them care so that they are not frightened or uncomfortable. Most importantly, try to read up on foods that are appropriate from them so that they do not fall sick while travelling or in the duration of the stay.

When you do arrive at your apartment, make it a point to take your dog for a walk. This will make it comfortable and help it unwind. Moreover, also ensure that the apartment you have chosen allows pets to be kept. You do not want to end up in a messy situation later on.

Regina Black is passionate about veterinary care and gives advices to pet owners who require it. She also works as a real estate agent and recommends

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