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Reasons Why Hills Are The Ultimate Haven


The big cities in India are becoming more and more claustrophobic with every passing day, and we are the major reason for it. The constant traffic on the roads and the emissions of the factories are responsible for the increase in the noise, air and water pollution.


This is also the reason why people prefer escaping to the hills, away from the constant hustle-bustle. Hills are quiet, beautiful and most of all, clean and green. Whether it is Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, or the hills of South, one gets to witness the myriad shades of green and the picturesque landscapes of the mountains. It is truly a sight to behold!


Even the resorts in Uttarakhand and other hill stations have adapted themselves to fit the growing need of the population. For instance, nowadays, there is a huge trend of homestays where people have opened their beautiful homes and properties for guests. This is not only a great idea, but also a great model for business in these hill stations.


Here are some reasons why visiting a hill station is the perfect idea:


  1. Greenery

The hills are comparatively untouched and are away from the civilization and the growing traffic of the city. There is lush greenery and one is surrounded by trees, rivers and hills on all sides. This allows for a meditative state of mind where one can enjoy the nature’s beauty in all its glory.


  1. Homestays

As mentioned above, the trend of homestays is an excellent one as homestays like Himalaica provide a home away from home to the people. The properties are beautiful and homely, and there is a great interaction between the host and the guests, thus allowing for a pleasant and stress-free stay.


  1. Stars

Yes, stars! This deserves its own point because it has become so rare for us to actually see stars. On any normal night in a city, one can hardly see two or three stars, and that too, after a lot of efforts. But when you go to a hill station, you’ll be surprised to see the rich scattering of stars. In fact, one can also see constellations in the sky!


  1. Tranquility

Another major reason to visit a hill station is the quiet it offers. The temperature is low, the air is nippy, and the atmosphere is clear and beautiful. Quietness is difficult to find nowadays, and one should grab whatever opportunity one gets!



  1. Sightseeing

The property owners often provide itineraries for their guests, adding all the fun places to visit and see. It is always better to know a local because, that way, one is close to the real scheme of things and avoids getting duped by the cab drivers and the other local people. Plus, if the language of the place is different, it always helps to have a local who can translate the same around.


Hence, if you are tired of your day-to-day lives in the city, it is time to pack your bag and start for the nearest hill station around you! After all, there is nothing that hills cannot fix, and who doesn’t like trees, stars and tranquility?



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