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Not many would have heard of this “peninsula” but called an island of a place, Coronado. Spanish for “crowded one,” this small town is a resort city in California,

connected to the mainland of San Diego by Silver Strand. Also referred to as The Crown City, this small town lined with lush greenery of tall trees and distinguished by peculiar Victorian houses and Californian bungalows. A haven for beach lovers, Coronado is only a mile walk away from the hustle of San Diego, leaving people bemused by its quaint beauty.

Let us have a look at what makes Coronado, the resort city, a favorite weekend getaway for Californians?

Is it even possible to talk about California and not mention beaches? If you are done strolling and sunbathing at the famous beaches of the state, why not try a calming experience with a comparatively smaller crowd but the same relaxing familiarity of the beautiful blue ocean, and soft sand. You have to go to the nation’s best beaches that are the Coronado  Central Beach, best known for the little flecks of shimmer that it gives off because of the presence of mica. Dog lovers can take their pooches to the dog-friendly North Beach, which is the leash free year-round beach. You can also visit the Silver Strand State Beach, where you can swim, walk or do kayaking, fishing and more.

The flea market hoggers will find their haven in the Ferry Landing marketplace and Orange Avenue.

Ferry Landing marketplace is a collection of sophisticated restaurants, shops, art galleries, exciting eateries surrounded by swerving palm trees and a picturesque pond. It is referred to as Coronado Only year “round holiday shop” from where you can purchase gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia for your family and friends back home.

Orange Avenue, on the other hand, is more of a place for sightseeing. Just a few blocks from the Coronado City Beach, architecture enthusiast, can enjoy the old building that adds to the beauty of this village-like area. It is primarily a place for high-end merchandise shopping stores like jewelry stores, boutique stores, etc.

Just because it appears to be a distant place does not mean it lacks the hospitality to make the visitors feel valued. You don’t have to worry about your stay with Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa. Reviewed as one of the best places to stay in Coronado Island, the hotel will offer a perfect getaway from the noise of city life. The hotel assures you a rejuvenating experience so that you will be able to face the anticipated challenges with a clear head. Along with excellent hospitality, fine dining, you’ll be able to see the whole of San Diego in its full glory at night-time, from your beautiful and cozy room.

Friendly Tip:

Before visiting a new place, it would be beneficial if you read as much as you can about it through legitimate sources like credible travel blogs that will accustom you with the timings of sightseeing, cultural do’s and don’ts, what to eat, etc.


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