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Pros And Cons About 5 Different Types Of Baby Cribs

How adorable your kid looks when he is in deep sleep! You can do your work after putting your kid into a crib which can make you feel tension-free. Due to this, it is necessity to choose a safe baby crib. There are so many different baby cribs available in the market as well as at online stores. You can buy a Boori Baby Crib at Baby Direct which is one of the well-known online store that fulfill your baby’s needs and keep your little one happy in his own world. So, let’s see the different types that can help you in choosing with its plus points and minus too.

Pros And Cons About 5 Different Types Of Baby Cribs

Standard Baby Cribs :

If you’re fan of simple and sober stuff then this crib is a perfect choice for you. Standard cribs have four fixed sides and slats. But don’t be overwhelmed with the name. These baby cribs come in many different styles that perfectly gives a decent look to your nursery room.

Advantages :

  • They are long lasting

  • They have simple construction

  • Buying one is an affordable option for budget oriented people

Disadvantages :

  • It is difficult to move this type of crib from one place to another

  • They lack in features as compared to other baby cribs

Convertible Baby Crib :

These cribs are also known as lifetime cribs. These cribs are designed to grow with your baby. Why are they called convertible? The logic behind the name is that these cribs can convert into one or more types of furniture. The conversion of the crib includes : (1) standard crib, (2) day bed, (3) toddler bed, and (4) twin sized bed.

Choosing this type of crib makes a sense because it will turn your crib into bed after few years of your baby. It will serve you after a long time too.

Advantages :

  • They are cost effective

  • Only one bed is enough for your child what it provides

  • They stay usable for many years

Disadvantages :

  • They are more expensive than other baby cribs

  • Conversion kit has to be stored away for use in future

  • They may not fit in your future interior design

Portable Baby Crib :

If you’re having a small space to accommodate your baby’s bed, then portable baby cribs are the only solution. Moreover, they have the ability to carry from one room to another so this will make easy for a parent to keep watch on a baby. Just make sure about the settlement of the crib. Once you have your baby crib in the desired place, you can simply use the locks on each wheel to lock it in that place. The wheels can damage or scratch the floors, so buy after testing correct wheels and save your floor.

Advantage :

  • They are the best for houses with limited space

  • Allows you to keep a watch on your baby

Disadvantages :

  • Breaks need to be checked on regular basis

  • They have fewer design choices than other cribs

Travel Crib :

It is the most portable option and used while you plan a vacation or holiday trip with your baby. Travel cribs are the light weighted cribs among all types. But they aren’t suitable for permanent use.

Advantages :

  • They are light in weight

  • Easy and quick to set up

  • Convenient to carry

Disadvantages :

  • They are prone to wear and tear

  • Not suitable for permanent use

  • They aren’t sturdy as a regular crib

Round Baby Crib :

This kinda baby crib is a unique one. Most of them come with a canopy which gives the crib an antique appearance. Round cribs are smaller than rectangular ones.

Advantages :

  • They have an unusual pattern

  • Offers a canopy

Disadvantages :

  • They are more expensive than any other

  • Their unusual look doesn’t match modern style décor

  • It is hard to find suitable accessories

Select the best suitable one after referring the guest post and share some ideas about baby cribs. Anyhow, safety is your priority, so read caution before buying any. Step forward for baby’s safety!

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