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Bringing Back The Thrill Of The 20s To Your Space With Art Deco Armchair

The rustic interior furniture designs of the 20s have become the new inspiration that no one wants to miss. The designs easily match with other interior décor options to give your space the thrill of a paradise. The most notable of the retro designs is the art deco armchair.

Though the armchair was considered the ultimate mark of inherent opulence and luxurious lifestyle, it is now available for everybody to buy and make the living space a paradise. This guide helps you to understand the art deco armchair so that you can select and enhance the décor of your home.

A brief history of the reclaimed armchair 

The art deco designs first came up in France around 1920s though the name was borrowed later from an exhibition known as ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes’ held in 1925. However, designs of the art deco armchair in the market today feature numerous improvements made between the 1930s and 1950s.

The designs were inspired by the modern technologies that helped to shape not just the interior furniture designs, but the entire personal and industrial landscape. Whether it is at home or office, the art deco armchair will bring the same feeling of progress it brought in the 1920s.

The main styles of the reclaimed armchair

The art deco armchair features radiant styles that were in contrast to the organic shapes commonly used in designs before the 1920s. The art deco designs are derived from mathematical geometric shapes that factored classicism and faceted ancient Egypt and Aztec Mexico.

The main shapes used in art deco furniture such as the contemporary armchair include trapezoidal, triangular, stepped forms, zigzagged and chevron patterns. Note that these forms were replicated even in other non-furniture items such as fine art and jewelry.

The extensive use of art deco designs in multiple items implies that you can easily shift the theme of your home or space by selecting various items. For example, you can use items such as mold glass, exotic skin, and silverware to make the space more opulent.

The best reclaimed armchair designs

If you want to embrace the thrill of art deco at home using the contemporary armchair, the effect can be brought out easily with colors, patterns, and materials. The good thing about the contemporary armchair is that it can easily match with other décor preferences.

  • The color: The most distinct color of the contemporary chairs comes with touches of black, chrome and silver. However, they are also available in toned-down colors such as beiges and creams to help more people to match their lifestyles easily. Therefore, it is important to factor the color palette for the entire room to make the room more enthralling.
  • The materials and finishes: When designing the contemporary chairs, the materials are given a glossy and reflective finish. The wood is sourced from high-quality trees and polished to deliver an optimal sense of luxury.
  • The pattern: If you take a closer look at the top contemporary chairs such as the Rally chair or the Cabana Yeti Chair, they are sleek and will easily fit in the available space. This implies that even if you only have very limited space, the reclaimed armchair will still fit and deliver the anticipated sense of style.

Unlike the standard modern office chairs, the contemporary armchair was created to fit in both home and office settings. Many people place the contemporary armchair next to the fireplace and use it when holding discussions with important personalities.

In many homes, a contemporary armchair is used to give people a personal sense of style and success. Whether it is at one corner of the living room or the edge of the bedroom, the chair will make the room more stylish and appealing.


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