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Point Cloud Service- A Visual Reference Point for Your Construction Industry

Over the following years, the importance of point cloud service in construction industry is increasing progressively. Simply, it is a visual reference point for your detailing effort. In construction industry, it can serve as a starting point for your building design or dealing efforts.

Nowadays, 3D modeling allows your organization to focus on you current workload by offloading the heavy lifting of solids creation from clouds to the team.  At the same time, the intelligent components maintain their data when opened in the BIMsight coordination software and therefore remain invaluable for collaboration with project constituencies.

Utilizing construction BIM’s as a basis for offsite prefabrication of some or all the work can provide even greater cost and schedule reductions as well as quality improvements. Now architects create BIM’s that are well suited to reap all of these benefits as we pre-build the construction or renewal, recognizing construction matters and work out the details prior to construction.

Using point cloud services, one can easily compare the as built conditions of an existing construction with the new design.  Revit Modeling with the help of laser scan also helps you in enhancing existing building designs. If the design of an old structure is not available to you, you can use 3D laser scan for existing structure and later using Revit modeling to convert it into usable structure information models.

This unique process is also in performing 4D scheduling and simulations effectively. Using scan to BIM you can work on demolition projects very cost effectively within targeted time.

Several purposes of Point Cloud Service:

  1. Creating 2D construction drawings from 3D building information model which is produced through BIM modeling
  2. Measuring floors for checking floor flatness
  3. Measuring walls for checking vertically of walls
  4. Comparing new designs with existing condition
  5. Comparing as planned designs with as built designs

Scan to BIM services are also known as 3D Laser Scanning systems. During present time, the set of Rent modeling system have evolved magnificently all over the world. Earlier in absence of cloud point services or event BIM, renovation projects had huge constrains.

Now existing projects are calculated actually and pictures were clicked and then converted into 2D as built drawings. So after this strenuous process construction took place. Clashes were not detected neither were changes requirements identified.

Developing 2D CAD drawings as build was indeed very difficult for old monuments or historical buildings owning to its intricate moldings and engineering details. So owing to all these issues, boundaries and absence of digitization of building information modeling, renovation of buildings incurred huge losses in terms of money and time.

Point cloud service has a very significant role in the evolution of construction industry. It helps the architecture and engineers in reconstructing an old building accurately. If you are running a business and want hassle free construction, you can use this wonderful process.

Moreover, using this unique procedure you can easily perform the total cost estimation system. You can make a track of the estimating cost, all the expenses and resources easily.

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