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How to Remove Unpleasant Smells from the Bathroom

The bathroom smells bother many people. How to get rid of it? shares you some practical and cost effective ways. Regular bathroom cleaning and keeping it germ free would also ensure your bathroom would smell fresh all the time.

Activated carbon pendant
It has strong absorption ability for the activated carbon, which is helpful for absorbing the unpleasant smells from the bathroom. You may put some activated carbon pendants in the bathroom. It not only can help you get rid of the unpleasant smells, but also can decorate the space.

Place some green plants
You may use the green plants to remove the unpleasant smells such as Bracketplant, aloe and ball cactus. The green plants not only can refresh you. Meanwhile, it is helpful for your health for long time using.

cleaningPosit the white vinegar and the essential balm
These two articles have fast volatility so that they can remove the unpleasant smell in short times. You may place a cup of white vinegar or a bottle of essential balm in the bathroom. For the white vinegar, you should change it every week. For the essential balm, you may change it three months later.

Use the drying agent
Another important source for the unpleasant smells is from the floor drain. The floor drain is the connection part for the underground drainage pipe and the bathroom, which is very met and easy to produce bacteria. As to this situation, you may put some dry articles to absorb the floor moister and keep it dry.

Put some dry flowers
Fresh flowers are beautiful and fragrance. But it is a waste of money to put them in the bathroom. Therefore, you may use the dry flowers to replace them. Put the dry flowers in a vase and place it in the bathroom. Drop some perfume after a period of time.

Take advantage of the fruits
The lemon and the grapefruit are the first choice. Cut the lemon in pieces and put them in bathroom can prevent the mold and deodorize. Pay attention that does not put it on the surface of the ceramic products directly, for the prints it left are hard to remove. Other fruits such as pear, pineapple, you may put it on the water tank of the closestool, which is environmental protection and can release natural fragrance. But the fruits for deodorization should not wash, for they are easy to be rotted. If you think it is too wasteful to use fruits, you may use the fruits peel to replace them.

Use the seasoning
The seasoning itself can release fragrance such as pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon. If you love using seasoning, you might as well put them into bathroom.

Which one is your favorite in these seven skills? Please try it. It can help you get rid of the unpleasant smells. Learn the decorating skills ofdream bedrooms here.

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