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Pets helping their Owners

Today it has become a controversial topic to be discussed about and it’s quite debatable. There are rules created for emotional support animal which people with disability need to follow in order to keep their pets along with them all the time. There are people who are blind, physically challenged and sometimes psyched who need the support of their pets or animals to cure them. These pets are allowed to guardian’s lap unlike other pets who are fixed under the seats.

Air Carrier Access Act

This act has allowed the animals used for support to be taken on planes. These animals help the people to keep up with their pets whenever they are travelling. People sometimes need an emotional assistance which they get from animals. There are psychotherapists who provide with the necessary paperwork in order to let the patients travel with their pets. It sometimes becomes an issue with the fellow passengers who might have allergies and might uncomfortable in the presence of an animal in an airplane.

Americans with Disabilities Act

This act allows people to bring their emotional support animals to the public places they go to. There are restaurants, movie theatres, boats, airplanes and many such places. These animals are individually trained in order perform tasks for the people with the disability. Although they are not specifically trained for one particular kind of disease, they behave in a standard support animal. But earlier the public admission to these animals was banned point being that the fellow travelers, diners and passengers might be affected by these animals and may get an allergy of some sort. But under this act, a rule was passed which was applied on the housing agency, sales or the leasing offices, public diners and boats and airplanes where it stated that the people with health issues will be permitted to have their support animals wherever they want.

What are the steps to be followed to get the permit?

The first step to complete the ESA registration process and once the national Service Animal Registry sends you the following document, you are good to go.

  • Two leash clips for the photo ID you have sent.
  • An official certificate which is NSAR ESA registered and has a NSAR embossed seal.
  • The database gets updated by the permanent inclusion of your pet.
  • Two copies of ID card for your animal as an ESA carrier. Whenever people ask for it, you need to show it in order to keep your pet with you.
  • Lastly, two copies of ESA Rocker Patches.

Therapy Animals

These animals can be classified into three categories.

  • Animal Assisted Therapy – The first type of therapy animals are called Animal Assisted Therapy animals. These animals assist their physician and occupational therapists in taking measures to a patient’s recovery. There are tasks that a pet can help achieve which includes gaining motion in limbs, regaining pet care skills or fine motor control at home. Animal Assisted Therapy animal usually work in rehabilitation facilities. But if the case is critical then it is taken to home as well.
  • Therapeutic Visitation – The second and the most common type is Therapeutic Visitation animals. These pets are nothing but are household pets whose owners take time to visit detention facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes.
  • Facility Therapy – The third type of therapy animals are called Facility Therapy Animals. These pets mostly work in nursing homes and are often trained to help keep patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other mental illness from getting into trouble. They are handled and trained by a trained member of the staff and live at the nursing home.


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