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7 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Business From Theft

There is no surefire way to prevent theft from afflicting your business operations. With a lot of planning, reduce the chances that thieves enter your property to steal belongings or information. There are 7 ways that you can prevent thieves from entering your business.

1. Install a Fence

Protect the perimeter that surrounds your business with a fence. Deter theft when you block other people from looking at the building. City Fence recommends creating enough room for employees to move around without getting their privacy invaded. Build a solid fence made of materials that are strong enough to withstand rain and wind.

2. Install Security Lights

No matter how big or small your business is, install lights for security purposes. People use floodlights to make it easier to spot the appearance of thieves. Install lights that last through many nights whether there are movements or not.

3. Use an Alarm

Make use of a comprehensive alarm system that detects movements anywhere on the property. Connect your alarm to a monitoring center that looks over the business for 24 hours a day every day. Decide if you need remote controls when you are away. Before you buy, compare the many different features that come with each alarm system.

4. Place Solid Locks on the Doors and Windows

Keep your business locked up at night and at certain times during the day. Thieves can monitor the days and times when you close up the business and then move in. Work only with solid locks that are designed to bolt business doors and windows shut.

5. Record Inventory

Track every piece of inventory that enters and exits your business. List management is needed to reduce the incidences of theft. You will find it easier to file a claim as the property owner and manager. Write all of the details from the serial number to the description. Then, keep the inventory locked in a safe place.

6. Install a Computer Firewall

A firewall is a barrier that blocks any unauthorized access to your computer. The term “firewall” refers to a wall that blocks a fire from entering a building. Control the type of people who access the company’s data from Social Security numbers to PIN codes. When you buy computers for your professionals, these firewall software programs are already installed.

7. Use Passcodes and Only Authorize Trusted People

Whenever people use company-linked computers, make them use passwords to use their accounts. The risks of thefts are increased when people share computers and leave in stored passwords. If you have highly confidential accounts, only give passcodes to the most reliable professionals.

There are countless ways that you can deter theft that could result in a disaster. Fence in the building where you keep expensive computers and inventory. Use inventory sheets to track stolen items. Check your employees to make sure that they do not steal. Do what you can to stop theft from happening before it occurs.

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