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Navigating Tips While Traveling From San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport (SAN) helps for approximately 60,000 passengers a day during a busy holiday time that is up 20 percent over a typical week. Therefore if, you are planning a trip to Alaska or probably planning a hot trip to Las Vegas with your partner, know all about the huge airport. We have mentioned a few tips which would help so that you don’t get all confused and give a reason to your partner to scold. This holiday season is just around the corner, and these trips could be crucial for you. These tips air travelers navigate quickly and safely to their vacation getaway. We don’t want you to lost while traveling from San Diego’s terminal 1 to terminal 2.

Therefore, get ready with your bags packed, but before leaving just go-through these tips. They might save an argument with your companion. Here you go with the savior guidelines:

Plan Ahead:

Yes, this is a bit obvious yet most important. While traveling from international fights or even with domestic ones. We recommend you leave your home earliest as possible and arrive at least 1½ hours before departure for domestic flights and 2 ½ hours for international flights. Check for the list of prohibited and permitted items for the airport; henceforth, you can pack accordingly.

Velvet Parking:

The most terrible problem in all our lives. We deal with the parking problem daily during our regular days too, but you don’t want to miss a flight because of the same. To aid with your problem, the valet parking in the international airport of San Diego- terminal 1 or terminal 2 are there for you. You can drive directly to the designated valet area and drop your luggage. While coming back to San Diego, pick up luggage first on the way to the valet cashier. With the cost of $36 per 24-hour period, your luggage- solved!


While you are the holiday spear, as much saving is done is ideal. Well, San Diego international airport understands that therefore you get $2 off parking per day at the airport’s short-term Economy Lot, located at the corner of Washington Street and Pacific Highway. Although there are long-term l parking available. They have color-coded the category. At the East of the Airport, you’ll see green color represented as Long-Term Lot and blue is the color for the economy lot which is located in the north.

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