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How to Bring out Your Bohemian Side

Boho-chic is the new in-thing for millennials these days. Bohemian looks are primarily inspired by hipster nomadic looks that people used to go for in the early 90s. The bohemian look has made a comeback, and people all over the world are seen flaunting their own version of boho-chic looks. There are many ways through which you can spice up your boho outfits. Like Abalone pendant necklace in India seems to do the job for many women with their boho look. While others go for the wide-brimmed hat and maxi dresses. Here are a few tips that can help you nail that perfect boho look.


Go for shell jewelry

Nothing speaks bohemian more than shell jewelry. Shell jewelry instantly uplifts an outfit and give out boho vibes. Abalone jewelry has been trending these days. Abalone shell pendant necklace in India has been inspired by an abalone shell, mostly found in Caribbean islands showcasing beautiful hues of blue and green on them. You must have seen various bloggers wearing abalone pendant necklace from India. That’s what adds the bohemian touch to their outfits. You can buy such abalone shell pendant necklaces from India through various shopping sites. Not just abalone, go for different other types of shell jewelry that fits your style and goes with your outfit.

Wear flowy dresses

To bring out your boho side, you should totally go for more flowy dresses. Bohemian clothes are super comfortable and flowy. Go for more breathable fabrics and loose silhouettes. For example, maxi dresses are a big hit in the bohemian culture. Go for a vibrant flowy maxi dress, pair it with dangle earrings and suede ankle boots, and you are ready to rock your boho look. One of the many perks of looking bohemian is that it’s comfortable and apt for an all-day excursion.

Accessorize well

For all kinds of looks, it’s essential you pair up the right kind of accessories to go with the whole look. Same goes for a bohemian look, and the fact that bohemian accessories stand out from the others makes it easier. For example, you can pair up a cloth headband with a maxi skirt and loose knit sweater and complete the look with a fringe cutpurse. Cloth headband, here, will help you in nailing that boho-chic look. Some other accessories that go with boho look are big hats, chunky bracelets, earthy jewelry, scarves, oversized sunglasses, metal bangles, and many other things.

Be free, give the right attitude

Bohemian look is an attitude altogether. It’s a feeling; a vibe that sits just right with you. Bohemian look is unconventional and rebellious in all manners. It is inspired by the hipster and free life that nomads live. It teaches you how you are not restricted to just one section of clothing that society thinks is right for you. Instead, you go for clothes that you feel are right for you. No matter male or female, boho culture accepts all. It has no religion, no sex, no caste and hence no discrimination.

So go ahead and let your inner boho diva come out!

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