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Make your Honeymoon Better than Wedding

The wedding is important. It is the truth. On that day you make such a heavy and bold promise – the promise that you will be faithful and loyal to your partner till the end of your life. There is not anything similar in our life and it really is a pivotal point. However, the bride and the groom cannot relax on that day. There are always things to be sorted out. Aunts, uncles, relatives, friends, parents; all of them are trying to help, whereas they actually just add up to the overall stress that goes hand in hand with the wedding day and the whole ceremony. But once the rush is over, you can turn to the occasion that you both should be looking forward to – the honeymoon. Now that there are only two of you, you both should give the best of you to make the honeymoon better for you than the wedding.

Honey moon

Where to go?

When deciding about your honeymoon destination, you have to talk over the priorities you both have (or just agree with all her priorities). If you would like to see more than one destination, it is possible to make a honeymoon tour. Couples that like staying active even on holidays will be looking forward to such a honeymoon. You could make a selfie while having a morning coffee on one of overwater bungalows in Bali and then in the evening get on the West Gate Bridge for wedding photography Melbourne posing. On the other hand, a sedentary honeymoon on one of numerous beaches of the Caribbean or in Polynesia is also a great choice for a dream-come-true honeymoon.


Make a honeymoon plan

Although it seems unreasonable to make a plan for a honeymoon, since it should be a seamless occasion in time terms, meant only for deep relaxation of you and your partner. However, you should have a plan, even if that plan is a plan of enjoyment. For instance, you determine when you go for a Thai massage and when for a swim in the sea. If you are spending your honeymoon in a city, not visiting most important attractions would be a pity. Also, the more landmarks you see, the more photos from your honeymoon you will take.


Multiply romantic occasions

Being on a honeymoon means that you everything around your should have a romantic honeymoon taste. Try to see as many purple dusks as possible together. Get up early in the morning and make an early breakfast before going for a long walk, holding your partner by his or her hand. Talk gentle words of love to your husband or wife and let him or her feel the most loved person the world. Create an atmosphere of everlasting love. By doing so, you will both always remember the emotion-rich and romantic honeymoon you had.

Your honeymoon will be like a special cake after a spectacular but exhausting lunch with relatives. Try to spend it in a relaying and pleasant way. Come back home as a more unified and powerful wedded couple and get ready for all the beauties and challenges of marital life.


Author’s bio: Dan Radak is virtual private servers security professional. Currently employed as a consultant in a couple of Web Hosting companies. Lately he is interested in wedding photography. You can reach him on Twitter.

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