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Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia

Adriatic sea

Croatia offers many wonderful options for a memorable holiday along the Adriatic Sea. Rather you are a sightseer, a camper or enjoy a relaxing sail along the sea, Croatia has an offering just for you. Since the War of Independence in the late 1990’s, Croatia has been a tourist’s heaven. With its abundance of historic ruins, medieval cities, stunningly picturesque natural attractions and the spectacular Adriatic Sea (with its coastlines and islands), what better place is there to have a holiday?

Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia


For the wine enthusiast, this is a wonderful place to visit. The island just off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is brimming with lush green forests, beaches, vineyards and olive groves. Korcula is a lovely destination for sightseeing, lazy days on the beach and wine tastings. Should you desire some time out on the sea, simply rent a boat or yacht and enjoy a day-long cruise upon the sea.

Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia


The town at the tip of the peninsula of Istria, has been a tourist attraction since Gladiators filled the amphitheaters. Currently it boasts the vast majority of the historic ruins that Croatia has to offer. Should one be a history enthusiast, this is the perfect vacation destination for you. Retrace the steps of the Romans… view the arenas that housed some of the greatest warriors of the Roman Empire.

Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia


Are you the tourists that enjoys a bit of everything? The coastal town of Zadar is for you. With historic churches, no large crowds of tourists, beaches, and group tours… your days and nights will be filled with a healthy balance of excitement and leisure.

Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia


Enjoy art? This coastal town draws people in with his rich, longstanding history of art and well as its abundance of medieval art pieces. Have a romantic holiday that is accompanied by some of the finest art of the medieval era.

Holiday On The Adriatic Croatia

Yacht Rentals

Not looking to take a holiday with a specific destination within Croatia in mind? There are still options made available to you. Rather you take a 14 day cruise along the Adriatic Sea aboard a luxurious yacht or you enjoy camping your way along the coastline, Croatia has options for you.

Croatia offers various options for yacht rentals. You can charter a boat for the day, week, or month and enjoy. Cruise about the spectacular coastline with its clear blue waters and plush vegetation with a guide or simply a map and the wind in your air.

Should a yacht rental be your choice, ensure that you make at stop at the charming island town of Hvar. Its fields of lavender, artistic treasures and pristine beaches is a utopia that cannot be bypassed.


The prime location for campers is Camp Adriatiq, which is located near the tourist town of Primosten. Enjoy the beauty of the land as only a camping enthusiastic can while accommodated with: sanitary facilities, a full service market, an a la carte restaurant, and a lovely beach.

The camp site is divided into sections. You are able to park your RV or pitch a tent and enjoy the lush greenery as well as the crystal blue waters of the sea within steps of your portable suite.

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