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Looking to Write an Impactful Cover Letter? Here are 3 Tips

In this piece , you’ll understand fully, the concept of how an employer scans for and chooses a candidate for interview. You’ll also come away with tips for the most current way to write that impactful cover-letter.

Landing that perfect job is one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever encounter. Staffing Agencies in California know just how this can be because they handle hundreds of applicants a year. The cover letter is something that gets overlooked by applicants, but it’s actually quite important.

Resumes have to be written in what’s called “scannable” format. That means keywords are used so the employer can quickly scan it and get the information they need. This came about because Staffing Agencies in California have lots of clients who have even more applicants for the same job. So,a short but efficient resume is needed.

Where the cover letter comes in

The cover-letter comes into play as the front line experience. It’s akin to you walking into an pre-interview situation and presenting the first impression. The cover -letter is that pre-interview impression. Not only will it be the deciding factor in whether you’ll get an interview, but also whether or not they’ll even flip the page to the resume itself.

This is why the cover-letter needs to be attention-getting and engaging right out of the gate. These are mostly viewed electronically depending on the employer so clicking you out of existence is done fast. You must interest that employer enough to grant you an interview without it sounding like a sales pitch, even though essentially, it is.

Confused yet? Well, if you follow the steps we’ve outlined here you should be well on your way. There’s never any real guarantee but what we can guarantee is that we know what employers are currently looking for and we can at least keep you from making those deadly mistakes.

Tips for Writing that Impactful Cover Letter

Study and Personalize

Make sure you’ve read the job posting thoroughly. Make a short list of all the requirements they’re looking for. Beside that list, make another list of how you fit these requirements. Personalize the letter to fit the job. For example, you would say, ” I have valuable experience that could be an asset to a project management position” Instead of just saying that you’re an asset to the company. This sounds cookie-cutter and vague. It tells the employer that you may be desperate and not very qualified for anything because you aren’t showing that off with specifics.

In fact, you may be sending the same form letter to 200 other companies and that’s just not attractive.

Showcase past results

Did you bust your hump for another company? Then, in as few words as you possibly can,let them know what results you achieved for that company. Just make sure it’s relevant to what this current employer is looking for. They’re not just looking for results in an unrelated field. If you’re looking for a career switch, and are applying for something totally different, then you need to be creative and still short-winded.

Creatively tie-in your experience to make it relevant.

Match Company Culture

Each company has a culture. Nothing to do with race or creed, no, a company has a set way that the employees and company interact. It’s the atmosphere at that company and this is the second most important thing to research about the company you’re applying to. Mention something specific about the company culture and in brief, why you’re a good match.

These 3 tips are most likely to get you in the door as an authentic, applicant and not just like any other.

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