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Wekkends are meant to de-stress and refresh yourself to get an energy boost for the upcoming week. It becomes especially so if it’s spent creating some fun memories with family. While staying in and talking on the dining table can be fun too, there should be some weekends spent doing something different and exciting. Here are some activities you can do with your family and make your weekend special:

Escape Rooms

Escape rms can be quite a thrilling activity to do over the weekend. Going through the puzzles, trying to solve them and doing it all under a atime limit needs a lot of coordination and unity. Escapes rooms are many a times used as a team building activity. Solving one with your family is sure to bring the members closer in an adventurous way. However, do make sure you do your research before booking an escape room since they can turn out to be a bad experience like Escape 2gether Calgary turned out for my family. Here’s  a good escape room in Calgary that we liked.

Scavenger Hunt

The classic and yet one of the most fun games, scavenger hunt can be a great way to spend your weekend with your family. There are so many ways you can add twists and turns to the classic game and make it more personalised. The best thing about this game is that it does not require a specific setting and can be played almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Moreover, you can even lay down the game with minimum apparatus.

Fun DIY Project

DIY projects are the best way to bring out your collective creativity and make something out of it that you all can use, and that too, in a fun way. Pick any project like redoing your yard plants, creating an add on for the lawn, or creating a kitchen garden from scratch. You can also create an educational project for your kids room like a 3D solar system and have a fun and kwowledgeable DIY session with your kids.

Have A Poker Night

A classic card game with some nacho chips on the table for in between snacks is the one of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon with family. If you have kids, you can teach them old games from your childhood or learn a new game that they usually play. You can also show off your card “magic” tricks along with your shuffling skills to others while you’re at it.

Take A City Tour Bus

Who says you have to go to a new city to enjoy a city tour bus ride? You can book tickets for your own city’s tour bus and have an amazing day out on wheels with your family. See your ity from a traveller’s eyes and enjoy the sheer beauty of your town that you tend to miss daily in youor jam-packed schedule.  

When it comes to family, every activity can be a fun activity when done together. The above mentioned activities are just some of the ways you can do something different with your family. The best way to spend some quality time with your loved ones is find a common interest and plan an activity around it so that eveyrone can have a great time together.

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