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Let In The Light: 4 Natural Ways To Add Character To Your Office

Nature is a valuable asset that promotes your health and the environment. Many people do not think about it, but they have many features of nature in their office decorations. Sunlight is one that you want more of and not less; however, you do not want to spend thousands on a renovation. Let more of the natural light into your office using these 4 unique methods.

Add Light Paint Colors

Whitewash your walls or add light, pastel colors that resemble natural light without looking too heavy or dark. This way, the room always looks bright, even with minimal sunlight. Also, consider adding light-colored paintings and curtains. Paint is replaceable, so it is simple to replace an old color with a new one later.

Add Natural Decorations

Sunlight is the most natural decoration that you will see an office. Think of other ways to bring in nature, such as by placing a large floral centerpiece on the coffee table or bringing in office plants. Think of making a centerpiece with fruit, acorns and any other natural items you find. Another effective option is to buy floral print curtains, wallpaper or furnishings. Office workers should focus much of their attention on decorating the room without causing too many distractions.

Equip the Windows with Shutters

There is no more unique way to let in sunlight than to use shutters. At the pull of a handle, fill the room with natural light or cover the room with darkness if you want. Protect the comfort and privacy of your office. The shutters close very tightly, allowing no darkness to seep through, compared to curtains that do not close completely. You can even choose different colors and materials for your materials. Places like Shutterflex can really help you find the best color and material for you. It’s amazing how much of a difference the right shutters can make for your whole office.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors reflect light to make the room appear larger and brighter than it is. A large mirror adds a visual depth to a room that no other object can. Also, you are able to imitate the appearance of a window without paying for a new one. Put up one large, wide mirror or spread several smaller ones all over the walls.

Office needs vary considerably; however, most workers prefer areas with a lot of natural light. If the windows are not big enough for this feat, find many creative ways to add more natural light and energy into the room. This can really help lighten the mood in your workplace and make work a lot easier.

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