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Improvement Ideas to Make Your Home Look Posh

Pretty House

Although there are many different ways we can go about improving our homes, there are always some renovations that are more expensive than others. In the article below, there will be a few ideas that help you save money while still making your home look lavish as well as a couple ideas for bigger home improvements that will cost some money, but ultimately raise the price and look of your house.


Redo the Floors

The floors in a house are one of the most important aspects of a good looking home; they can either make or break a look you are trying to go for. Even though fully replacing floors is extremely expensive and not many have the money on hand to do so, there are cheaper ways to improve the look of not so nice flooring. If you have vinyl or linoleum flooring, there are many ways you can change your flooring, and can be as simple as painting it into more sophisticated colors or designs. If you have wood flooring, a great way to make your room look better is to add a light colored carpet over most of it to make the room look bigger or there are ways you can refinish your own wood floors to make them look better and get rid of scratches.


Repaint and Accessorize

A great way to improve the look of your house is to buy some accessories and change up the colors. Putting a couple coats of paint on your walls in a neutral color (beige, cream, white, gray, etc.), if they are not painted those colors already, will help make the colors of your accessories pop and look more sophisticated rather than a colorful jumbled mess. Picking specific items to have in matching colors and designs, such as the pillows and the curtains or the rug and the curtains, will help have the color have an even bigger impact due to the fact that there isn’t the color everywhere. Finding vintage lamps and accessories, artwork (especially in black and white to offset the color of your pillows and other accessories), vases for flowers, and throws on the couch are all great ways to decorate and beautify your living spaces.


Create Fake Built-Ins

A great way to make your house more polished is make some fake built-in units on the walls. You can do this for a TV or even build a bookcase. For your TV, whether it’s in a rustic wood frame, plain black, or stylized white frame to match your décor, framing your TV adds a bit of class. Building a frame around your TV also makes it look as though the frame was built into the wall, which makes it look planned, like your TV belongs there, and more sophisticated. Also, you can use separate bookcases to make your living room or home feel as though there are floor to ceiling bookcases built into the home. You can do this easily with however many bookcases you need to reach the ceiling, secure them to the wall with anchors, and then accessorize and add books to the shelves.


So, to make your house look as sophisticated and posh as a Miami luxury condo, these great ideas will help you achieve this. By mixing it up with textures, displaying some fresh flowers, and updating your floors gives sophistication to your home that was lacking before. All ideas are easy to do, especially if you are really great at DIY, and can be done on a budget. So, why not mix up your home and add a touch of class?

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