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Unspoken Fetish


You’ve probably have heard of most fetishes, even dabble with and tried out a few, whether to please your partner or to satisfy your own curiosity. We all know about the most common ones such as bondage, role-play, feet worship, they are commonly talked about among friends and usually don’t surprise anyone. But did you know that for some, fetishes can get very specific, and without living out their desire they cannot receive satisfaction. Here are some different and not so common fetishes.

Paraphilic Infantilism

This fetish is most common among men and involves wearing a diaper and pretending to be an infant. According to doctors this fetish is about the feeling on freedom associated with being an infant.


Some people prefer it dirty and that’s the objective of this fetish. The dirtier it gets the more they get off. This can be anything from messing up hair to rolling in the dirt.


This is when your attraction for bad boys goes too far. Hybristophilia is when someone is attracted to criminals. Usually a criminal with some sort of social status or have been in the media and usually serving time.

Used Panties

Another common but not so talked about fetish is the buying of used panties and underwear. The excitement in buying used panties and underwear comes from the panties style, the person wearing them and of course the scent of that person. Most people who have purchased used panties continue to go back to the same seller as there is a relationship of trust and also once they have found a scent they like they tend to stick with it.


Do you get turn on when your partner gently nibbles your ear or neck? Take that to the next level and you have odaxelagnia, a fetish that is centered on biting, either biting your partner or being bitten.


Androgyny is a trend if fashion and design where both genders are mixed. You could call it unisex of sorts. Autoandrophilia is where woman actually receive stimulation when dressing up as a male. This fetish is common in both heterosexual and homosexual females.


This is where your partner likes to watch you sleep. Although all the above fetishes are not commonly talked about this one is the strangest to me. It’s quite disturbing thinking that someone is watching you while you’re completely unawares. But this is where the turn on is for the indulgers of this particular fetish. It’s again about power and submission.


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