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Important Things to Know When Starting Daily Crossfit Workouts

Crossfit Daily Workouts
Crossfit Daily Workouts

Crossfit has only recently become a household name. It is a rapidly growing niche in the fitness world that appeals to many people because of the variety and blend of different fitness disciplines all put into one. It provides a sense of teamwork and companionship due to the togetherness of the classes most gyms have available as well as creating a sense of competition with yourself and others because times are recorded. This accountability if you will is a good measure of progress for the individual and the group as a whole. Each daily program can be tailor made and customized for the individuals needs. Can’t perform pull ups? No problem another exercise can be implemented so you can still participate and reach your fitness goals. What appeals to most is that the workouts are never the same. Crossfit has daily workouts also known as WODs or workouts of the day and they change daily and are very rarely the same combination of exercises. A combination of weight lifting, cardio, running, and endurance performances are often done. What is awesome about these daily workouts is that they trick your body into not getting into the same old routine and as a result your endurance will sky rocket and after a couple weeks you will notice a difference. Crossfit also appeals to a variety of different skill levels from beginners to experts. Most crossfit gyms have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as “open gyms” in which experienced crossfitters can go and do their very own workouts or complete the daily crossfit workout without the structure of a class. While the idea of crossfit can seem simple it is everything but. There are certain techniques and skills you must possess to be able to get the full experience and ensure you do not injure yourself. Since crossfit blends many different styles of working out understanding how to properly weight lift and understanding the right movements and techniques is crucial. If you do not possess this skill set it is highly recommended that you do some preliminary research and start off using the crawl walk run method, so start with a beginners class and read up! What is amazing about the crossfit community is that you will never be shunned or put down because you may be the new guy or girl. Most crossfitters realize that they were once in that position and the fact that you showed up to better yourself is good enough. All of these aside let us discuss the important things to know when you are starting daily crossfit workouts.


Whenever you are starting a workout regimen no matter how hard, it is absolutely vital that you are providing your body with the right nutrients and fuel to keep you going and more importantly help you recover. Crossfit workouts are very demanding especially when it is incorporated into your daily routine. A high protein diet is usually recommended but it is important to think about your body as a machine and understand that the better the fuel that machine has the better it will operate. Vegetables, fruits, multi grains and lots of protein will help your body perform and will greatly cut the recovery time needed to be back at one hundred percent performance. You do not have to hire a nutritionist to find the answers as to what to eat during your training. Ask around the gym or look towards other more experienced crossfitters who have been through what you are going through. Your class coach can also be a wealth of knowledge and can give you some really good recommendations. Even using google or other search engines to find the answers can give you what you are looking for. Something to think about is the better you treat your body by what you put in it the better your body will treat you. Eating junk food and such feels great in the moment but it will not feel great when you are completing your daily workout!


Often a very overlooked piece of the puzzle, stretching is a key component to maintain your physical prowess before and after your crossfit daily workout. Crossfit requires a lot of quick jerk movements and actions that most people who have never participated in crossfit may have never done. Stretching makes you not as tight and wound up so in the case that your daily exercise requires quick twitch motions you are prepared. You can find some great tutorials on stretching from YouTube or other internet sources as well as inquire at your crossfit gym. Everyone has their own before workout and after workout procedures so find one that fits you and go with it.


This ties into nutrition in the sense that what you put into your body is key. However you must realize that when that class starts you are going to sweat, and sweat, and sweat some more. In fact it is not uncommon that after the class ends you will look like you jumped into the deep end of a pool. So remember to drink lots and lots of water not only the day of your workout but the day prior. There is an old saying in the military that goes “today’s water is tomorrow’s hydration” so drink plenty of water as you will lose a lot of it in your sweat during your workout. Some people recommend that you take additional electrolytes which you can find in gatorade. However many crossfit experts use Pedialyte as a source for electrolytes. Pedialyte was originally made for dehydrated babies but has since evolved into a go to drink for athletes to restore their electrolyte levels after or before a workout. Hydrate or prepare for some risky alternatives which may include passing out, throwing up, or even worse heat cramps or even internally overheating.

Crossfit is a great way to get in shape or if you want to switch up your workouts and keep your body guessing. Even if you do not do crossfit daily even throwing in a crossfit workout once or twice a week can give you some amazing results. So do not wait any longer and reach your fitness goals now! See more visit: Springs Fitness.

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