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Women can now Stop Worrying About Walking on the Grass in Heels

Are you getting ready for a fun-filled afternoon on a bright sunny day with your family? Are you confused about whether to wear your favorite heels or flats in fear of ruining your heels in the lawn? Every woman goes through this decision in order to save themselves from the struggle of walking in the grass. To help women in a time of crisis like this, stoppers heel protectors were introduced. You can now throw your fear of ruining your heels out of the window. Allow us to tell you how and why they are helpful for you.

Saves you from embarrassing yourself

Women indeed know the pain of walking on grass with their stilettos on; it’s hard to focus on the occasion as you are constantly worrying about your heels. And tripping in front of a whole audience is a total nightmare. The embarrassment and the awkwardness that follows is something that we all hope we never have to face. Walking in heels on grass is something like that, you are conscious all the time, and your walk gets a bit awkward in order to protect yourself from falling. However, if you have your ladies heel protector on your shoes, there’s no chance in hell you’d fall due to your heels. What it does is that it protects your heels from sinking in the grass, sand or even dirt for that matter and helps you walk straight without much effort.

Protects your heels

Heels are a woman’s most prized possession. To find that perfect design in your size is quite a task but once you do you make sure you protect it at all costs. However, there are events where one is supposed to walk on the grass. That’s when you are heels are in danger of getting stained from wet grass. And once they are stained, it’s almost impossible to get rid of the stain. However, if you have your bottom shoe protector, there’s no way you can let anything come close to your most beloved heels. Bottom shoe protector protects your heels from coming in contact with grass and hence protecting it from stains and dirt.

Provides a comfortable walk

It’s quite hard to walk in heels on grass. You have to walk on your toes until you get tired and you let your heels sink in the ground. Your walk gets quite awkward throughout the event and  distracts you continuously. It affects your personality, and the kind of impression you are making on people present there. A person’s walk tells a lot about them. But if you are willing to change that, get yourself some stoppers heel protectors. Stoppers heel protectors make walking on grass more comfortable for you, and you can socialize without having to fear about your walk.

Convenient to carry

If you think ladies heel protector is one of those products that are bulky and make your bag even heavier. Then you are wrong! It is super convenient to carry, and you can slip it in even your tiniest of bags. All you have to do is, before stepping into the lawn, pull out your bottom shoe protector from your bag and peel the sticker before putting it underneath your shoes. It takes a second to stick to your shoes and its strong adhesive stays on for the entire event.


So it’s time you stop worrying about your heels and have a fun filled event!

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