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Importance of Automated Software Testing for Software Organizations

It is a true fact that software programs and computers are quickly substituting manual processes at an increased rate. Further, software tools have made business processes and daily life more cost effective and efficient. To ensure that newly-designed software is working properly, it is essential to do software testing before introducing the product into the market. But, since more and more software programs are entering the market every day, there is a need to automate the testing process as manual testing always leads to increase in human errors. And, this is where automated software testing programs step in.

How do Automated Testing Tools Help?

Most of the major software development firms make use of software test automation tools for testing software in order to link the gaps on the newly designed systems to make sure that the end user gets a high quality product free from errors. The automated testing tools are a great and affordable way for companies for testing and monitoring the performance of the newly designed software programs.

Finding a Good Automated Testing Program

As it is, if you are a developer or tester, it is crucial to find a good automated software testing tool in the market. It is necessary to browse through the features and price plans of each automated software testing provider, and select the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a solution with good features and price plans, Automated testing with TOSCA TestSuite for the best results.

Benefits of Using TOSCA

For those of you wondering what Tosca is all about, this testsuite is an automated software testing tool that has been developed by Tricentis Technology & Consulting. This tool is known to achieve considerably greater returns on software investment by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of functional software tests- improved efficiency by getting maximum test coverage with the least number of experiment cases and high effectiveness through great levels of computerization of regression testing. Tosca aims at business-oriented testing by high automation, which not just combines manual and automated testing in a single incremental method, but also produces a synthetic and dynamic test database.

Benefits of Automated Testing Over Manual Testing

Automated testing is very much advantageous over manual testing in several ways, the most important of them being the execution speed. The execution of all tests can be finished quickly and the scripts can also be executed during night times without the involvement of humans. As a result, the total time required for testing can be brought down and this will considerably assist in timely completion of project. There may be a need for executing a certain testing at a particular time. It can be easily accomplished by executing those automation testing scripts in a crone job or task scheduler.

Dealing with Large Data for Performance Testing

Further, functional automated test scripts will be useful to do performance testing since several performance test tools will provide support for reusing these test scripts. Few kinds of testing entail comparing huge amount of data between the present version and previous version as a part of regression test. Practically, executing such data manually may not be a feasible option. This problem can be solved easily by simple Shell script or any other scripts like WSH and VBS.
Lastly, execution of the tests can be carried out repeatedly with several varying data sets since automated testing tools provide support for data driven testing.
The bottom-line is that automation of software testing is being adopted by more and more companies each year.
Author Bio:
John Britton is a software tester who has several years of experience in manual as well as automated testing. He encourages all the tester to learn the latest testing tools, and hone their skills.

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