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Illuminate Your House With Sustainable Light

Illuminate your house with sustainable light by

Being eco-friendly and “green” is one of the greatest goals of modern man. Although we consider automotive industry as the one responsible for such bad condition on our planet, there is always room for improvement, and the opportunity to give our contribution. One of ways to give our contribution is to consider (and eventually adopt) sustainable light system.

Illuminate Your House With Sustainable LightCFL light bulbs

These light bulbs are gaining popularity by the day for the past decade. This innovation, called CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs) are utilizing gas as a way to create light. Standard bulbs are using wolfram made threads, which are heated up, and thus we have light. The absence of this thread means way less dissipation of energy, which usually is turned into heat. The proof is that CFL is never hot, and therefore last several times longer than standard ones. Lower energy consumption and longer lifespan, along with bright white light which they emit are qualifying it as the best alternative for standard bulbs.

Natural light

The very best source of light you can afford is of course, sunlight. It is the healthiest one to utilize while reading, and do not neglect its impact on your house plants, if you have any, that is. In order to maximize this light source, consider installing huge windows, so your room will look bright, and much bigger than it really is. On the other hand, if you are living in a flat at the attic, consider installing huge skylight. It will provide you with plenty of light during the day, and just imagine the view when you lay in your bed, watching starry sky. Simply spectacular.Illuminate Your House With Sustainable Light

Sunlight transportation system

This technological wonder can be considered as a child of a solar panel and an Internet fiber optic cable. First, the special collector gathers the light at the roof, and then via optic cable, this light is transferred throughout the house. Perhaps this way of bringing light to your house is a bit uncommon and unusual, but it surely has bright future. What is left is to make it more mainstream, so that it will be available to all.

Painting the walls

Not strictly a light source, but the paint of your walls will add up to overall lighting. Bright and open colors repel sunlight, and it remains within room, while darker ones absorb it, so even if there is enough light from the light source, the room will still look a bit dark and gloomy. Depending on your room, you should consider an appropriate color for the walls. Living room, kitchen and other areas where you spend a lot of time should be bright, while others, such as the bedroom, could be painted with a bit darker shades.

Illuminate Your House With Sustainable Light

LED light bulbs

Being present for quite some time, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) have gained significant role in everyday life. Both automotive industry and home improvement industries recognized the true potential behind this simple system. It is consisted of semi-conducting elements which emit light when current runs through it. Because of their extremely low energy usage, those are cost-effective in longer runs. That is why LED high bay lights are great, because for far less energy you gain a lot more light, without wasting the energy on heat output.

To summarize all, it is possible to save energy (and money, to be honest) with rational and reduced usage of energy. This does not have to mean that you will get less light, but contrary. You gain even more, for far less spending. In other words, this is something which all of mankind must strive for.

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