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Adding Value To Your Home Is More Than Achievable

Adding Value to Your Home

Making home improvements and renovations planning is pretty simple when your intentions are to live in a home indefinitely. However, if you’re planning to sell within the following couple of years, deciding which home improvements to opt for can turn out a bit of a drag. Further in the text, we’ve gathered some expert advice with regards to this subject.


Even though it might seem like the right thing to do, think about how much you’re investing in your kitchen. If you decide to go wild and spend thousands of dollars here, chances are it won’t visually fit in with the rest of your home, and this tends to turn buyers away.

Instead of spending money on a big remodel, perhaps opt for buying energy-efficient appliances, as this will attract potential buyers. However, always keep in mind that a bit of paint can go a long way in making the kitchen look like it went through a complete remodel.

Additional Bathroom

As a growing trend which will probably sound lucrative to most of those interested in buying your house, adding another bathroom doesn’t need to be such a money-guzzler. No need for adding a Jacuzzi here, or anything fancy – this is simply a spare room to use when nature calls. Think about adding a stand-up shower, a toilet seat, a boiler and a bathroom sink – no need to go any wilder than that. It is estimated that you can recoup 80% – 130% by opting for an additional bathroom.

Open Floor Plan

Yet another popular fad nowadays is having a large common room, which comprises three rooms: the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. When you want to add to your home value, spaciousness is always the name of the game. If you think you do not have enough room for an asset to your home value such as an open floor plan, think about tearing down a wall or two. If you have walls that divide the three rooms, think about tying them together into a nice, spacious common area.

Do Your Own Maintenance

You can save a significant amount of money easily by doing the simple things yourself. There is no reason for hiring a professional to do tasks as simple as repainting your house – it’s not really rocket surgery. You should consider doing as much as you can on your own, seeing as how hiring professional help can drain your finances. According to Think Conveyancing, Australia’s leading conveyancing experts, quality DIY can actually raise the potential value of your home. Adding that little bit of warmth and creating a sense that it was in the loving hands can add a crucial value to your sales pitch.


The good old first impression is always the most important one – and the first thing the potential buyers get to see is your front yard. Make sure you keep it landscaped, pruned, and above all – warm and welcoming. Having a nicely trimmed and shaped garden will additionally make sure everyone sees the true beauty of your house. This is why investing in necessary gardening tools and items is often vital for selling your property.

There’s a whole lot you can do to add value to the home you intend to sell and these were a mere handful of tips. Make sure you cover as much of the maintenance as you can by your own hand and do not neglect the value of your garden.

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