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How To Pack Books When Moving

Pack Books

There are so many different things to remember when it comes to packing for a move.  You never really realize how many different objects are in your house until you need to pack them all up.  Each box carries something of importance and it is important to properly pack and protect your items so that Nanaimo movers can transport your belongings to your new location safe and sound.  One of these boxes that can be difficult to pack is the book box.  The following has somethings to keep in mind when packing that book box.

The box that you use to hold your book box is a basic moving box size and can be used for a variety of items.  It is the smallest of the standard-sized boxes and is ideal for packing heavy and smaller items.  This is because you do not have to worry about the weight of these boxes.  The box is too small, so it will typically fill up before you can make it too heavy.  Before adding books to the box, place crumpled packing paper at the bottom.  Once you have loaded the books into the box place more crumpled paper into any extra space.  You want to make sure that when you close the top of the box it is firm and there is no room for it to sag down and give way.  If you are able to push the top of the box down, then you are going to want to reopen the box and add more paper so that you are no longer able to push the box down.

The book box is also a good place to put files, dvds, or cd’s into.  You will want to place the books, files, or DVD’s with the spine pointed directly downwards.  This will help to protect the object during travel and allows to you to maximize the space and fit most into the box.  Place the bigger books at the bottom with the smaller books towards the top.  This ensures that you do not crush the smaller books and preserve all the pages.

If you feel like you need any movers to assist you in packing and moving contact Sunrise Moving & Storage.  They have years of experience and you can trust them with you belongings so that they arrive safe and sound at your new location.  They can handle moves all around the island and are here to help alleviate some of the stress from you.

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