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2016 Interior Design Trends

From smart appliances to beautiful kitchens and state-of-the-art living rooms, Australian interior design trends have steadily evolved. While many designs have adopted various modern approaches, which blend really well with the current technological era, some still maintain the classical theme.

The following are 6 simple interior design trends which you must look out for in 2016.

Source Artisan Works

2016 Interior Design Trends

From tassels and basketry to weaving, beautiful crafts, simple crochet and macramé are back in. According to well-known lifestyle experts such as Justina Blakeney, home owners must embrace interior design ideas that are inspired by what is found locally.

The experts also advise home owners to eschew the fear of mixing artisan and vintage items as the two usually blend in very well. Pairing a Mongolian lambskin and a Moroccan rug next to a well-crafted coffee table is a great example of a concept promoted by the experts.

Minerals are Once more with us

2016 Interior Design Trends

If you are thinking mineral-inspired designs became old-fashioned in the late 70s, think again. As more and more people are for unmatched interior designs, mineral-inspired designs are slowly by slowly finding their way back. In spite of being high-priced, such designs are very attractive and unique. In 2016, look out for huge chunks of quartz made out of expensive rocks, unique unpolished semi-precious stones used on door pulls, and bowls of pyrite on tables.

Geometric Tiles

Decorative backsplashes have for many years taken command of Australian households. This however about to change, as many homeowners and designers are in favor of geometric patterns featuring lovely fluid movement.

Cement and even wood are going to have a very crucial role archiving today’s interior designs. Whether it is an intricately patterned floor, a common backsplash or a countertop, fluid geometry should not be taken lightly as it is coming out strong.

Mix Metals and Metallics

2016 Interior Design Trends

 It is no secret anymore; the 60s and 40s fashion designs are what is most sought after at present, and it isn’t different in interiors. Mid-century brass mod, gold and metallic finishes are very popular today. As this trend continues to take shape, be ready to adopt unique retro-bling shapes.

Bring in the Outdoors

2016 Interior Design Trends

With vigorous campaigns on healthy living taking shape all over Australia, many home owners have already began to experiment how to adopt with nature and enjoy its wide range of unique benefits as well as beauty in their homes. From decorating their apartments with greenery to turning boring back yards into wonderful adventures, homeowners are greatly adopting and embracing outdoor-themed interior designs in their homes.

As a home owner therefore, you should be ready to witness an increase in demand of small plant-life inspired items in homes, and unique furniture pieces, which can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Making the Home Appropriate for Everyone

From the unique foundations that luxurious homes are laid on to comfortable foam in various couches, different experts are still insisting on the fact that anything being manufactured today has sustainability at its heart. Reinventing, repurposing, reusing and recycling are among some of the things that most consumers in every economic level are starting to take into consideration when making purchases nowadays.

Their argument is that many home owners presently go for pocket-friendly interior designs that are comfortable and well-designed.

Important Interior Design Tips for Every Homeowner

Designs Layouts

Any great interior design should start with a functional outline of a room. As a home owner, you can very easily gain access to multiple resources, such as tools and books for room outline designs. In these programs, you can very easily input furniture measurements and room measurements before frolicking with room layout to find out what doesn’t work and what works does.

Comparing Options

Visiting as many design showrooms as possible is an awesome step you must absolutely take when preparing to carry out a complete interior design job in your home. Thorough research will enable you to improve your knowledge and to come up with different options that will easily match specific taste and budget.

Seeking Help

Licensed experts who are known by both the private and government construction bodies have been offering quality interior design services in Australia for many years. Before you hire anyone, ensure to check on this, not to forget their previous work experience as well, held by the agency concerned or the individual.

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