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How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

Before we know it we are surrounded by too many things in our house, and barely have enough room to kick up our feet.  Maybe you just want to clear some space or you have too much stuff to fit into your moving company in Nanaimo’s truck.  In these situations, this is where yard sales come in handy and are a perfect way to free yourself of that extra clutter.  Below are ways that if followed will lead to a successful yard sale.

Successful Yard Sale

1. Create an Ad

If you have a child, get them to write up an ad for your local newspaper and create posters to put up around town.  Simplicity goes a long way when it comes to effective advertising.  Make your posters using bold markers and include your address, date and time and an arrow pointing in the direction of the yard sale.

2. Enlist Some Helpers

Have your kid as a friend to help out with the yard sale.  Get them to volunteer and pitch in some stuff for sale.  This way you increase the selection that you have at your yard sale and an extra pair of hands to help you with the day and all that goes into it.  At the end give them a portion of the proceeds or ice cream.

3.  Consider Your Layout

Do not just throw random stuff onto a table with a price tag attached.  Organize everything by categories and make it easy to navigate and find things.  Make sure everything is easy to browse through and accessible.  This will make it easier for people to buy things and look at stuff that catches their eyes.

4.  Create Ambiance

Put on some music so that shoppers do not browse in silence.  Make it fun for everyone attending the yard sale, so if your kid is really into have them set up a lemonade stand or sell some snack.  Always keep a garbage around so things are tidy.

5.  Advertise Each Item’s Value

Make sure that all your items are clearly marked with a price, so that shoppers don’t try and lowball you.  Use basic masking or blue painters tape so that when an item is bought the tape can be removed easily without leaving a residue.

6.  Don’t Overprice

You don’t want to be too greedy at your yard sale.  While a little extra cash is nice, the main goal of a yard sale is to get rid of the extra clutter that is around your house before your move with one of the many moving companies.  If you overprice you will just drive away prospective buyers and end up with the same amount of clutter that you had before.

7.  Be Thoughtful About Checkout

Don’t just forget about the customer once they buy an item. Have someone wrap up breakables, provide bags for easy transport, and if necessary transport the item to the buyers car.  As the day winds down, do not be afraid to lower prices or offer items half off.  Remember the whole goal is to get rid of all your items at the yard sale.

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