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My Brush With Contentmart As A Client

My Brush With Contentmart As A Client

Great content is essential to shape any company’s online presence. Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of engaging with their prospective and existing customers in a meaningful way. Hiring the right content writers is essential for any sale and marketing purpose. In this scenario, the smartest move is to turn to freelance writers.

As a client, a huge problem that I have faced with hiring freelancers is finding them, in the first place. Where should I begin my search? Not that there is any scarcity of writers – the internet brings the problem of over-abundance. There are thousands of websites that claim to offer just the right professional writer. But have you found the right one?

My Brush With Contentmart As A Client

In my search for the best content writer, I have scoured the net for writer specific websites that connect clients with content writers. I have realised that most of the online content portals lack in some of the most important criteria – speed, simplicity, and the procedure of interaction between writer and clients.

A Word About Contentmart

Contentmart is where you can hire the right qualified writer for any writing job. So whether it’s a blog or SEO or a white paper or even a sales pitch, Contentmart will help you get the most cost-efficient quality content that will represent your brand in the best possible way

Getting Started as a Client

Contentmart is free to join. The process is given below.

  1. Easy registration and login.
  2. Place an order. Here add your requirements, including a description of the assignment, maximum and minimum price range, and word limit.
  3. As a client I was surprised to see the amount of bids that I received.
  4. Choose the best bid. Here you can verify the writers available. Go to the chosen writer’s profile and check their sample work done in the past.
  5. Award the bid to the writer of your choice.
  6. Allocate the funds to the writer of your choice.
  7. Receive the work.
  8. Accept the content. Once the assignment is received, you can review it. You do not have to pay till the content is approved.
  9. Once approved, make payment.
  10. Receive a rating.

Unique Features

  • With more than 2,500 writers who have signed up with Contentmart, it is quite easy to find the right writer for my project.
  • As a client I can message and exchange information with my writers. It makes the work move fast.
  • The content is delivered after a plagiarism check, which means that as a client I will receive only original content.
  • It is easy to load funds from anywhere in the world and one can use Credit/Debit card, Net banking, Mobikwick or HDFC PayZapp mobile wallet.

I am a satisfied client. To know more log on to

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