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How To Decorate An Open Floor Plan

How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan by

An open house plan has several benefits, including room adaptability for entertaining. However, the combination of open floor plan rooms provides a unique challenge for the owner who is used to the decoration of each room individually. There are some tips to keep in mind that can make the space retain its open feeling and flexibility while maximizing the character and functionality of the individual rooms.

How To Decorate An Open Floor PlanCreate a Chart

Examine the flow of the traffic from one room to another. Stand in various nooks and study how the space looks like from different angles. Discover the way of natural light, so you can maximize the brightness of daylight, but avoid the sun shining in people’s faces. Determine which areas are best for groups of people to gather and which are best for privacy.

Choose an Ongoing Theme

Consider methods to unify the space. Maintain a unique theme for an open space, for example, shabby chic or bohemian. All the spaces cannot be absolutely coordinated, but the wall linings and colors should complement each other. A change of flooring, wood tiles or carpet is fine, but it should not confront the colors and the theme.

 How To Decorate An Open Floor PlanSpace Inside the Space

Create individual spaces in the middle of the open space. You should not completely block the rooms, but you also should not have a huge open area with furniture hanging on the surrounding walls. Instead, set up your living room or any other room by placing chairs, loveseat and sofa around a coffee table or an assortment of small cocktail tables. The dining room can consist of a formal dining table, or stools next to a bar counter.

Accessorize Spaces

Open spaces are better with less clutter, but some accessories can help define the rooms, especially living and dining room. A nice throw rug can help to make the distinction from the living space to the dining area. Good lighting on the dining table and lampposts near armchairs in the lounge underline the sole purpose of each space.

Add Visual Interest to the Walls

Open floor plans can tend to be minimalistic. A large picture or some interesting textiles can brighten up an otherwise bland backdrop. If you only have smaller pieces, try choosing those in similar styles and then grouping them for visual impact.

How To Decorate An Open Floor Plan

Go Natural for Large Open Spaces

If you want a house where kitchen, dining and living rooms are integrated into an open floor plan featuring a single large, fluid and luminous space, the best way to decorate this space is to opt for neutral colors, using wood as a unifying element that establishes links between areas. Far from closing or delimiting each activity of particular area, natural decorations add to the spirit of place and strengthen the warm and cozy atmosphere that sets in this kind of project.How To Decorate An Open Floor Plan

Large Gallery

When you have large, bright and integrated spaces, it is often difficult to think how to distribute the interior furnishings and choose the styles and colors that will accompany you to optimize the qualities that airy environment has to offer. Creating a large gallery out of your living room can bring nature to your home with all the necessary comfort. In this case, the key would be armchairs opening onto the garden, as part of the landscape and bi fold doors that allow that perfect view. The chosen colors should highlight the presence of green, as well.

An open floor plan is a comprehensive approach to modern life. However, it can become a mismatch of styles if you do not create harmony between the areas. An open floor plan offers endless possibilities of decoration, but the flexibility of this space can also bring some difficulties, so be sure to plan and check everything before you start working.

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