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Golden Rules Of Creating A Safe Bathroom For Your Kid

Golden Rules of Creating a Safe Bathroom for Your Kid by

Potty training is one thing – independently using bathroom is an entirely different one. It is a big step for all children and shows a high level of self-sufficiency. It requires a complex set of skills and parents are very proud of their smart kids that are able to take care of their hygienic needs on their own. And they should be. This usually happens once the kid reaches the pre-school age. You need to be prepared for that period and make sure that your bathroom is safe for your child. Here are some precautious measures that you can take.

Golden Rules Of Creating A Safe Bathroom For Your Kid

Lowering Some Items

Think about the size of your young one. In order to use the bathroom, they will have to be able to reach the towels, toothbrush, soap, faucets and other things in the bathroom. You can install very useful towel and cup holders under the sink, instead of the higher set version. The towel can have a lower range of hangers on the doors, as well. For reaching the faucets and entering the bath, you will need a moving step that your child can move around and use.

Putting Some Items Out of Reach

You need to reorganize your shelves and cabinets. Those that contain medicine, dangerous chemicals and cleaning products should be moved out of the reach. Lower shelves are needed because there are some things that you want your child to have access to. Spare towels, toilet paper, shampoo or soap refills. Those shelves need to be low enough to be effortlessly accessed by your kid, even if they use the step. Even if this does not sound like something that looks classy or elegant, there are some very good bathroom renovators that can offer really good solutions.

Golden Rules Of Creating A Safe Bathroom For Your KidUsing Lid Lock If Needed

Naturally, for your kid to use the bathroom, the toilet seat needs to be accessible. However, in some situations, you need to keep the toilet accessible for your preschooler while keeping it safe for your toddler. This is best done with a lid lock. However, you need to teach your older kid how to remove it and use the toilet. It is a bit challenging, but it is worth your while.

Safer Grip

Researchers say that the most accidents in the home happen in the bathroom. Getting in and out of the tub can be quite challenging for the little ones. To prevent this slipping and to make it easier to get in and out, use the awesome grips that can be attached to the walls and tiles. They look like handles of different sizes and they are easily installed.

Bathtub Mats

Another way to prevent injuries in the bath is to put in the mats that are designed especially to prevent the slipping. There are the plain ones and those that are in the form of stickers. You can stick them to the bottom of the tub, but also to the area in front of the tub, down on the tiles, just to be sure. They are easily removed, if you ever get tired of them.Golden Rules Of Creating A Safe Bathroom For Your Kid

Cleaning and Disinfecting

There are other types of dangers that threaten in your bathroom. Those that are caused by the bacteria and the molds. In order to be entirely sure that your little one is absolutely safe when using the bathroom, make sure that it is impeccably clean. There should be no signs of any sort of mold because it is a serious health threat.

Starting to use bathroom without help of the adults is a big deal for a kid. While you may not be in there to help them and keep them safe, you can do your best to make this big step a bit easier. Do not worry about your rearranged bathroom not being nice enough. Proper renovator will make it safe and trendy at the same time.

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