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How To Choose Curtains or Drapes for Your Living Room

window curtains for living room

As you may already know, decor can make or break the ambiance and look of the room. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, or dining space, the decor is essential. One specific decoration that makes a room if chosen accurately is the curtains or drapes. Curtains and drapes have a wide variety of details that must be paid attention, like the color, fabric, length, and layering. There truly is no limit on what you may want these decorations to look like and that is why, for many, they get overwhelmed when having to choose what drapes they want for their living room as a result of it being the room every person will see. Here is how to choose window curtains for your living room.

Choosing Color And Fabric

When selecting a color for your curtains, you must think about the overall design of your room and how you want it to look. You may want the curtains to blend in with the rest of the decor or for them to be a focal point for the room and no matter what you choose, you will have a number of color options to choose for. If you wish for the curtains to be more muted and blend in with the background, you should select curtains that are alike to the color of the wall or the trim color of the space. However, if you want the drapes to be a statement piece and stand apart from the rest of the room, then selecting a bold color that is unlike the other colors in the room is the way to go. As well, you should take into consideration that different colored curtains will affect the ambiance of the room. By choosing a drape that is a lighter color, it will illuminate more natural light while darker shades will appear grounded and command more of the space. Choosing a drape that is a natural tone is a good idea for those who are unsure of what color they should go with. Natural shades generally go wonderfully with a variety of furniture colors and are easily applicable to other styles and decor. Besides color, the fabric is an essential factor in choosing the right curtains. Deciding on a material that is too heavy can result in the fabric not folding crisply while drawn and if the fabric is too light, they may not fall well. That is why determining how you want your drapes to look within the room is extremely important.

Length For Functionality

The specific function of your curtains may affect the length that you decide on. Choosing curtains meant to block sunlight from entering the house or meant to add more privacy will have a different length than ones simply meant to act as decor. Even hanging curtains higher than the actual windows can add a feeling of height to the room and high hung curtains generally begin about six inches above the window frame. The apron cut for window curtains for your living room is a length that ends at the bottom of the windowsill and is best for windows that are opened frequently or for areas where furniture would block full-length drapes. Floor cut drapes are good for areas that you want to look bigger or for areas that you want the ceilings to seem taller for. For curtains that have the puddle cut, it is generally a romantic look and is best for a room with low-traffic or for rooms that have no children and dogs. Not only will the length cut be affected depending on its functionality, but how far and high it goes out around the sides can be impacted as well. If you want to use the drapes to block sunlight from entering the room, you would want extra inches around the perimeter of your window frame so that they can do so.

Privacy With Layering And Lining

While deciding to layer your curtains is a not a mandatory thing to decide on, deciding to do so can give your living room multiple dimensions and showcase the style of the room. As well, if you wish to layer, you can do so over time so that you can stay within your decorating budget while also creating a look that you love. One layer option is the linen sheer curtains. The Belgian Sheer Linen is an amazing way to add some privacy to the room while also providing a variety of dimension and depth. With this type of linen, you are able to soften the sunlight that is let in, especially during the afternoon. Another layering option that is great for your living room is the linen roman shades. Roman shades, as base layers, are able to offer more privacy and light control while also acting as a better option for keeping out the cold. As well, if it fits with your ambiance, look into getting an interlining which adds both a privacy and blackout liner. Privacy is essential for blocking out the view of outsiders and is an important function for curtains and drapes. Unlined curtains will only show the face fabric while privacy linings will enhance light control and improve privacy. With blackout lining, it keeps out 99% of the sunlight for complete privacy. Depending on how much privacy you want for your room, you may choose a different lining and may even choose to layer your curtains.

Creating the perfect window curtain for your living room is a hard task to do on your own and is why you need to contact Total Window! They are the ultimate destination for assisting you with the design of your curtains and drapes so that the ambiance of your room is what you want it to be. Make an appointment for a consultation and allow them to help you with whatever services you may need in order to produce your curtain. Decorating your home can be a fun and therapeutic way to express yourself. So make sure you have the curtains that really tie your living space together!

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