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Best NBA Players of All Time

This is a difficult list to make because we tend to consider athletes with the overly subjective approach, and even though we are determined to make it, someone wouldn’t agree with our selection.

These iconic basketball players played in various generations with different technologies and rules. So it is challenging to compile a list with them without appropriate background.

Basketball is something that drives us to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching it for betting purposes or due to excitement, it makes us happy. Some people consider the accurate NBA picks, while others will try to finish the bet by themselves.

In both cases, we enjoy watching players dunk, fight for the ball, and play our favorite game. That is the main reason why we decided to present you the list of best basketball players of all time without proper order:

  1. Kobe Bryant

This is the player that we all know especially because created havoc for the world of basketball and became a celebrity and fashion icon as well. His aggression, game style, and popularity brought him to be known as the successor of Michael Jordan when it comes to basketball.

He is also one of the first players to have two jersey numbers retired by the same team, and when we analyze his final years, we can easily say that he is one of the best players of all time which is a significant achievement when you have in mind his beginnings.

  1. Shaquille O’Neal

We have to add another player from the same generation as Kobe because he is the brute force of nature when it comes to playing style. He was one of the most dominating players of all time that bullied oppositions with his size and bulk.

At the same time, you cannot find another NBA basketball player that won three times all-star game MVP and four times NBA championship. He should be in the list of best basketball players of all time, due to his achievements throughout his career.

  1. Larry Bird

Now, we have to go slightly in the past and present one of the most respected legends of the basketball game, Larry Bird. He was three times league MVP and three times NBA champion as well.

He didn’t have average athletic as other players as well as flying nature of today’s superstars, but he made everything with smartest basketball IQ that we can find in a player in combination with fantastic shooting abilities.

He was part of a two-way rivalry that happened in the eighties, and that created the NBA we are watching today. We cannot find many people that can outshine his shooting abilities, especially at his height.

He won all three-point contests and had controversies when he trash talked about other players and him. The main problem that he had in the career was the injury that shortened his career, and that is the main reason why he stopped playing.

  1. Tim Duncan

Even though he lacked flashiness and flair of other players that we have presented you above, he has something that was unique and that allowed him to become five times total MVP, and to become five-time champion.

He was the perfect player when it comes to basketball skills and system, and he was famous for bank shot as well as astronomical figures during his prime time.

He was silently leading his team and stopping anything along the way while keeping his dignity and integrity as the prime example of good sportsmanship. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest San Antonio Spur player and one of the best forwards of all time as well.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain

Last, but not least, we have to mention the legend in his awe, because he averaged 50 points in a season and more than 22 rebounds in his career, and that are only a few things that he possessed. Have in mind that three-pointers were not invented back in the day, and he still scored that much.

He won two championships and four times was name MVP. At the same time, he was the first that scored more than 100 points in a game. Statistically speaking, he was the most dominant player of all time.



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