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How The Churches Help In Inculcating The Sense Of A Community?

How The Churches Help In Inculcating The Sense Of A Community?

A Church is central to the Christian faith, just like the temples and mosques; a church is the place of worship for the believers in Jesus Christ. The Church is not just a building, it is an integral part of the beliefs of every Christian, and plays a very vital role in the life of every Christian. From the birth to the death, everything is not only registered with the Church but the Church has authority over the way of living of each of members.

Whether it is illness or separation or any other issue of a family belonging to a particular church, the church authorities have every right to interfere within the family issues and settle all disputes as well. Moreover, the church teaches all the doctrines and beliefs of the religion as well; thus it is quite evident that the church has a great influence over the minds and consequently the way of living of the Christians.

The Westside Family Church is the name of a certain church but it does not like to be addressed as merely a religious institution. It welcomes with open arms all that are willing to follow the teachings of Jesus, these members are selflessly dedicated to mimicking Christ in the way he served fellow humans. They have dedicated their lives to the service of abandoned, homeless, malnutritioned children mostly in Thailand/Laos, India and Africa.

The Christians have utmost faith in the way the church functions and hence they try and keep up to all that is asked of them to do. This is the way the church binds the community together, they teach its members the way to live a happy and united community life by helping one another in times of distress. The church through its various programs and preaching highlights the need for service towards other people and how this assists in the healthy growth of the community.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is completely focused on the Biblical facts and particularly on Jesus from where they derive all the zeal and energy to be of service to others. They believe in sharing the eternal truth of the Bible and through their activities show how these can be practically done in the daily life of an individual.

However, the present day church is being faced with a lot of challenges specially pertaining to the younger generation. It is because these youngsters prefer to belong even before they can believe, they have a mind of their own and this mind is basically focused on the way things look. Little do they realize that they have become slaves to appearances and lack the ability to judge the right from the wrong.

The reason that the younger generation is given more importance even in this regard is because ultimately they are the ones who will carry on the beliefs and ideals further. Hence,  the church needs more volunteers who ardently follow the Bible and live it out in their lives, so that seeing them the younger generation can be inspired and gain belief.

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